Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Justin! Justin! Justin!

2 Weeks later....we've yet to hear who will be the new critic for Youth and Multiculturalism.

I guess, by now, you've figured out who I think should get the job?



RuralSandi said...

I look at the youth MP's of the Cons - Poilievere, Moore, Del Mastro (both of which look like a 50 year old man) and then the Libs - Trudeau, Navdeep Bains. What a difference in maturity, etc.

Exception for the Cons, of course, is Michael Chan. You never see him speaking in QP anymore.

When you think the youth is our future - the Cons are frightening.

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

You think those guys look like they're 50. Man, Conservatives must even age worst than Liberals!

And by the way, I believe you mean Michael Chong, not Chan.

Jennifer Smith said...

My goodness, James - that sounded almost like a girlish squee! :)