Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Like Michael Bryant

...and it probably wasn't an easy decision to give up a cabinet position AND a riding that victory is always likely assured. Plus, he came to my ONTARIO! Ours to Recover bash in BC.

I guess I have to at least ask: Why the weekend news release?


May 23, 2009

I want to thank Michael Bryant for his years of dedicated public service, for his great passion for our democratic traditions, and for working hard to create opportunity and build a better quality of life for Ontario families.

Michael informed me on Friday that he was going to step aside as Minister of Economic Development in order to pursue a new career as the President and CEO of the City of Toronto’s new economic development agency — Invest Toronto. I will be assuming his responsibilities for the Ministry of Economic Development.

Since he was first elected to the Ontario legislature in 1999, Michael has been a tireless advocate for the families in his riding of St. Paul ’s. He has served in the Ontario cabinet in three challenging ministries — Attorney General, Aboriginal Affairs, and Economic Development — in addition to heading up Ontario ’s Democratic Renewal Secretariat. Michael has always tackled each new role with his trademark enthusiasm, intelligence and energy.

I know Michael will bring the same level of passion, insight and commitment to his new role with Invest Toronto that he has brought to the provincial government. I wish Michael, his wife Susan Abramovitch and their kids Sadie and Louis all the best as they begin this latest chapter of their lives, together.



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