Thursday, May 7, 2009

About Ruby Dhalla

I'll bite on the invitation by George Young to say a few words on the non-scandal Ruby Dhalla event.

I've known Ruby for 5 years now. I was at her office grand opening in ' and about 4000 other fans.

It has become very apparent to me (and others) that Ruby has become a prime target for the Conservatives and the operatives within the Indian community in Brampton that would like to see her main contender Parm Gill win the next election.

I will holdback on commentary on this nannygate thingy because, quite frankly, I know all too well the feeling of being tried in the court of public opinion. There'll be enough piling on over the next days and weeks to come.

I will leave it at this. Dr. Ruby Dhalla is one of the most dedicated Liberal members I have ever met. Her dedication to this party stems from her youth many, many years ago. She works hard and demands those around her work hard. I look forward to her good name being cleared and hope that it happens sooner rather than later.



RuralSandi said...

I'm glad you spoke up. Something doesn't feel right about this whole thing.

Dhalla has been an MP since 2004 and just in the last few months all this crap comes out (movies, etc.)?

It doesn't pass the smell test.

If she is guilty by all means she should be held accountable, but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty - one of our precious Canadian values?

Check out Impolitical today - interesting.

Anonymous said...

James, I find it amusing that you call her a doctor... the same kind of doctor that Liberals had no problems mocking: a chiropractor... so lets cut out the BS.

As for the "scandal", sure lets get the facts. So far, we have seen a lackadaisical response from senior Liberal MPs.

These allegations are serious, and even if 1/5 are true, it will not reflect very well on her.

RuralSandi said...

CWTF - sounds like you want it to be true so you can play your little trolling attack games.

Unfortunately for you, the title doctor goes on chiropractors, dentists, Ph.D's etc.

Why not wait to find out all the facts, etc. before passing judgment - that would be the right thing to do.

James Curran knows her, you don't. He has every right to defend it he wants to.

Northern PoV said...

Expect more smear campaigns on many more Liberals to come.

The Cons have lots of money. More than they can spend legally, it seems (in&out etc).

They obviously have a ton of researchers and private detectives (and professional con artists - pun intended) on the payroll to dig up, inflate and invent dirt to throw at us.

They have learned well from their Republican mentors.

Anonymous said...

"These allegations are serious, and even if 1/5 are true, it will not reflect very well on her."

Who will the remaining 4/5s reflect on, if untrue?

Anonymous said...

The allegations are serious. If proven, it will reflect badly on her and on her actions.

So far, it's the word of two nannies against hers. Can't wait to see Dhalla show us the paper work... right? That should already be out there...

Emily Dee said...

I'm having trouble believing this as well. There are too many coincidences. Ms Dhalla's opponent Parm Gill is a Private Investigator who has been hanging out with Jason Kenney. The Ontario legislature is debating it where Jim Flaherty's wife is running for leadership of the provincial Tories.

The Conservatives have been trying to get Mr. Gill elected for some time, so why not drum up a little pre-election dirt. This one is definitely fishy.

Casa said...

This is dirty politics at it's worst.

The cons are getting desperate

lyrical said...

The best thing that can come from all of this is to push the problems with the Live-in Caregiver Program into the foreground. From what I've seen and read, this entire program is extremely exploitive.

Big Winnie said...

Why would these nannies wait a year before bringing this issue up?

It doesn't make sense.