Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wanted: More Anonymous Sponsors

As most of you know by now, many members of the blogging community are fundraising for their delegate fees to Vancouver. With 26 days left to raise funds, I encourage all of you to support one of your favourite bloggers with even the smallest of donations. $10 or $15 dollars adds up after a while.





Anonymous said...

James can you explain the importance of sending people to this conference that is supposedly about nothing?

James Curran said...

Yes, so the rebels and the truthers can report to people what changes didn't happen so we can implement a new plan of attack starting May 4th. And there WILL be a new plan of attack!

Anonymous said...

Well, that good enough for me! And makes perfect from that perspective. Glad to know that you will be going.

James Curran said...

:-D. As I said before. Donate, and donate often.