Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Member One Vote - The Rocco Rossi Version

Scott's Diatribes did us all a great service yesterday by posting an interview with the Liberal Party of Canada's Rocco Rossi about the upcoming convention and the ongoing debate over One Member One Vote.

Naturally, this doesn't mean the debate has ended, but it certainly helps some of those on the fence about whether or not to support the YLC amendment to the OMOV amendment.

I'm very very much on the record as being OPPOSED to the YLC amendment.

Here's some of the key highlights of the interview:

Rocco: And, I believe that the debate over weighted One Member One Vote will be one of the most important constitutional debates we have ever had. The delegates will have the power to truly empower every member by voting for one member one vote. It will be an act of courage and and act of selflessness because they will be voting not for themselves and their own special interest, but for every member across the country who have a right to a voice in the running and leading of our Party. For all those reasons, this will be an historic Convention.

Scott: There has been some controversy with the OMOV amendment and the Young Liberals of Canada proposing a 25% quota of delegates reserved for them in any OMOV voting setup. What is your opinion on the YLC proposed sub-amendment?

Rocco: We need equal rights for all and special privileges for none on this issue. If the YLC members want a 25% voice, or even a 50% voice then all they have to do is work for it and recruit more members into the Party. An expanded and re-energized membership base is what we need in any case and to create one we must make membership
count for something. And to make membership count, we must count every member!

Scott: What would your personal reaction be if a specific group within the Liberal Party helped to derail the OMOV amendment?

Rocco: I would be disappointed and I think it will make fundraising and victory much more difficult, but, as I said above, I would work under whatever system the Party provides. But I am confident that we are a Party of inclusion and courage and that we will do the right thing for the vast majority of members who are currently marginalized and for the many, many more members who will be attracted by a party where every member counts because every member is counted.

I like this Rocco Rossi guy me thinks.


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