Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The F-Word Revisited

It's time once again to drop the F-Word. Nominate your favourites today.



Prole said...

Thank you Mr. Curran...and don't think we've forgotten that you made a fuss about the maternity ward being taken from the Niagara Falls hospital, bro!

James Curran said...

LOL. Yes, you do have long memories. BTW, the fight still rages on and many local hospitals are fighting other closures such as emergency wards.

looking forward to this year's F-Word.

roblaw said...

I nominated small dead animals..

Ok, I didn't.. but she's my favorite feminist blogger :)

James Curran said...

Nice Rob. I have yet to nominate, but o can assure you ms. McMillan is nowhere near the top of my list.