Monday, April 27, 2009

Breakfast in Vancouver

Tomorrow morning I'll be arriving in lotusland. I'm looking forward to seeing many of my friends from across the country and will be sad that some of them didn't or couldn't make the trip with us.

There are a couple of items that I have to address before my departure however:

1. Thank you to all of you that sponsored me, in part, to get to the convention. Big or small, your donations were greatly appreciated, and I will try not to disappoint.

2. No small secret that the convention about nothing has now become the convention about the survival of a major political party. One Member One Vote is the single most important change to the interior workings of the Liberal Party in years.

The National Director and, now, the Leader of the Party have emphasized how important this issue is.

I've debated the young whippersnappers at YLC for a couple of weeks now to get them to back down from their amendment to the OMOV constitutional amendment. All to no avail. Apparently they continue to move forward with their motion.

I will just say this to them: 12 doesn't equal 50 plus 1. 10 doesn't equal 25, nor does it equal 33. But then, I don't hold a university degree (as one of them noted) so perhaps there's a new math out there.

3. I'm supporting Fabrice Rivault as the next national VP - Francophone. mostly because I know this man has the energy and drive to implement a solid, plan for this party and, especially, for its Francophone membership.

As an aside, I'm disappointed that the incoming president has weighed in on the issue and I feel he may have wanted to stay neutral in such cases.

4. I am announcing now, today, this minute that I am lending as much support as I can to Maryanne Kampouris for her candidacy for National Policy Chair. Maryanne has been tireless as VP - POLICY for the Ontario wing of the LPC and I see her carrying that passion for policy nationwide. As we speak, Maryanne is traveling across the country to the Convention by train meeting fellow Liberals along the way.

She's grassroots and we need grassroots.

5. The hottest party at the convention will no doubt be this one.

I will return later with my thoughts on the YLC Presidential race.


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roblaw said...

James - if you have a chance, I urge you to try the breakfast at the Elbow Room on Davie Street. Great breakfast, and interesting ambiance.

It ain't no Denny's.

As a former Vancouverite - I'm green with envy, there's no finer place than Vancouver in mid to late April.