Sunday, April 12, 2009

18 Days and $165

I'm told I only have to raise another $165 and my delegatate fees are paid for in full! WoooHoooo. Thank you to all of you that have given so generously. For those that would like to chip in the odd $10 or so, please click my SPONSOR ME link on my sidebar.

Thanks again for you support!



Mike said...

I'm still genuinely curious to hear your view on the NEW rules of procedure for the constitutional plenary. From what I've heard they are completely against the rules used by ANYONE, ANYWHERE. No party, no club, no organization uses these rules for amendments to amendments.

But is that ok just because it sinks the youth amendment you've led a crusade against?

People say the youth don't want to think about the future of the party, but are you ok with these ridiculous rules for ALL future LPC conventions? Don't you think these rules could bite YOU in the ass sometime down the line?

I must say you have been a great proponent of grassroots Liberals in the past whether you agreed with their views or not, so I'm surprised to see you remain silent on this. I didn't think you were a proponent of "the means always justify the ends". I'll be happy to stand corrected.

Mike said...

Alright so you spoke out against the rules on En Famille, good for you and thank you. It's appreciated and good to see that we even though we disagree fundamentally on the importance of the YLC amendment that we can agree that these rules are not democratically justifiable.

Mala Fides said...


You have written a huge volume on the YLC amendment, but you still have not convinced me why the YLC and youth should have a massively inflated voice in the Party.

Over the last decade, I have seen how powerful the YLC can be and it is has not been dependent on having constitutional crutches or some other form of artifical influence. What has made the YLC such an influential body in the past is its leadership and its ability to militate large numbers of active Liberals.

Over the course of the last week since this issue erupted, I have actually shifted substantially towards supporting the weighted OMOV amendment (without the YLC amendment).

I cannot support the YLC amendment. It makes little to no sense at all and it simply does not jive with the move to a OMOV system. In fact, it flies in the face of OMOV and it will end up weakening both the YLC and the LPC.

Why have OMOV and then give a specific group more than one vote?

All the YLC amendment will do is consolidate the power of the YLC into fewer and fewer hands and it will continue the unfortunate, but obvious trend of making the YLC a private clique, open to only a select group of youth elites. This is not what the Party needs and it is not what YLC needs.

I have learned over the years that there are three necessary elements to achieving positive success in politics and in business . . . 1) ORGANIZATION; 2) THE CAPACITY TO BUILD SOMETHING; and 3) FEARLESSNESS AGAINST COMPETITION.

I really don't think that the YLC needs this amendment. In fact, I think that if it passes, it will end up doing harm to both the YLC and the LPC.

Good luck to all at the Convention.

P.S. I think the Rules as proposed suck!!

Oemissions said...

So why don't the Libs have a sliding scale fee for the Convention?
Same goes for membership. People can join the NDP for 5 bucks.
And... when you eat there tell them to serve some better food . In a riding with a large East Indian membership last year they served up hamburgers and hotdogs.
So much for food awareness,eh?
It was also a highly developed agricultural community with lots of organic veggies and fruits produced.
Leave the BBQs for the Cons, please.