Thursday, March 26, 2009

McGuinty Gov't to Move Forward on Tax Harmonization

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. It just isn't sitting right in my stomach though. Raising taxes during a depression is always an interesting theory.



penlan said...

We will now be paying more taxes. Period. It's disgusting. Really, really going to hurt the poor.

roblaw said...

The problem is, as McGuinty can see, everything costs money. Plus, by having a differential treatment between PST and GST, it requires business to undergo much more work and expense to answer the tax man.. so, I'm with some sympathy, though I think the failure of the Ontario Liberal Government to push the harsh realities of life on the electorate is their own doing.

The problem isn't so much the idea of the tax harmonization - it's the realization that government and government programs cost a lot of money, and people need to share that burden, directly or indirectly.. too many people in Canada have been living under the illusion that "the other guy" can pay for it. C'est la vie.

James Curran said...

That is the Conservative in you Rob. For sure. The poor will be paying though. Even on children's clothes by the looks of it.

Sad really because tonight I begin my second term as Provicial Riding President and I'm already feeling the heat from some of our members.

roblaw said...

I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be relief for the disadvantaged.. but, there is a sort of harsh reality that comes into play when the economy dips, and social spending and other government obligations actually become more expensive.

I don't want to pay more tax than the next guy - and certainly, I don't share the same stresses as a single mother earning $20,000.00 per year.. but, broadly speaking, I think we, as citizens, need to be a lot more cognizant these days of just how expensive government is - and, at least in Alberta, and I suspect in Ontario, we've been living in a bit of a fool's dream that there's always more than enough money to pay for everything without infringing on MY lifestyle.

Not so.

James Curran said...

I've begun to review the budget and the HST. It ain't so bad. The HST is subject to Federal approval. So.....we can always blame Deficit Jim if we don't like it.

penlan said...

The thing that really worries me is the increase in the cost of Hydro & Gas.
I'm on a limited, disabilty income & the utilities are killing me. For the month of Feb. I had no money left over to buy food for the entire month (starved, mostly, through that whole month) - my gas heating bills have been excruciating this past winter & I won't survive another winter like that. So next winter it will be worse. My rent does not include utilities & no matter how low I put the heat it still costs a fortune.

And I am not the only one in this position, there are tons of us out there like myself. What are we supposed to do now? It's scary. Homeless is what keeps coming to my mind now. Just don't have enough money to survive on as it is & this is only going to worsen the situation.

Comrade One said...

Items that are gst taxable and pst taxable can be sorted and stored in computerized cash and invoicing mechanisms via use of programming. Mostly, a one shot deal. Monthly totals are as easily produced as turning a key and or pushing a button. There are two small remittance forms to be filled out with separate taxes. So that's rather overstated. Bit of a red herring actually.

There is a tremendous range of items that will now be subject to both taxes, including everything from utilities, to used cars and even funeral and related expenses. This is a phenomenal cash cow, and coming from one of the other have not provinces which already has it, I know how broad the application is.

Even if there are quarterly rebates to those most needy, it should be understood that many simply can't pay these costs for 3 or 4 months and wait to be reimbursed. More month than money explains the concept.