Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Now a Card-Carrying Liberal

Yessir. My little red card came in the mail last week. Not bad for a former Liberal activist, eh?



Chrystal Ocean said...

What prompted the decision? Surely you're not anymore enamoured of His Igginess than previously? (Or am I mixing you up with someone else?)

James Curran said...

Well, it's actually another punt. Nobody has had a card for quite some time. Fact is the rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I have never stopped organizing over the past 5 years.

Also, did you see my previous post re: Laurier club doesn't include membership?

Quixotique said...

Well, good for you, Jim. If only I could get a notice for the delegate election meeting that will be held in my riding in 3 days! Had a call from ILMI's campaign "reminding" me that our riding was causing a lot of fuss and bother by actually daring to have an election for delegates, but hey! get out and vote anyway. Nothing from my riding or LPCO though.

Oh well, at least I will be one of the 10% (bumped up significantly from the .001) who will actually get a vote! (I hope. Not altogether sure that we'll get the two votes called for in the constitution, likely only the delegate one.)

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

I just got mine too. It's a nice card, though Iggy's letter threw me off when they said it was "permanent," when they should have added "permanent but not financially permanent." Still have to renew your membership.

penlan said...

Got mine too. Very nice card. Smart idea. Save money, & trees, on making & mailing out new ones every year.