Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Radioactive Questions

My question is this, why has the nuclear sub crash in the middle of the Atlantic garnered more attention from the Canadian media than the nuclear accident here at home in Chalk River?

We don't even know if there is any radiation concern about the sub accident, but we do know that radiation has been released into the environment from the Chalk River facility.

Why haven't we been told the whole story about Chalk River? Where is the press?



Big Winnie said...

Very good point James. My guess is the press is being muzzled.

The Mound of Sound said...

James, haven't you heard? Obama's coming to town! Chalk River? Chalk what?

Anonymous said...

The press will only do it's job if someone gives them the story (including all secret documents, quotes and talking points).

Mala Fides said...

The pile of shit is starting to create a rather large and undeniable bulge under. Stephen Harper's carpet.

1. Cadman
2. Fixed election dates
3. Firing Linda Keene
4. No plan for the economy
5. Nuclear accident coverup
6. Dysfunctional committees
7. Muzzling MPs
8. Relentless attack ads
9. Charater assasinations
10. NAFTA-Gate
11. Income trusts
12. Attacks on Quebec
13. Stabbing Newfoundland in the back
14. Turning their back on Kelowna
15. Ignoring the rights of Canadians abroad
16. Etc . . . Etc . . .

All of this in just 3 short years.

If they haven't already, the Canadian public should start to take notice.

It is an absolute disgrace that it took almost two months for Harper and Minister Raitt to make public the leaks at Chalk River and it is an equal disgrace that the Canadian media have not picked up this ongoing story.

As a nation, we are a bit slow to realize when we are being lead down the garden path, but when we do, the reaction has typically been swift and severe.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! We ain't hearin' much on accounta that's SOP for nuke stuff, weaponry or energy.

1.) Delay any announcement of anything negative until it is "old news" not worthy of front page space.

2.) Then, when delays is no longer practical, release a false report downplaying the scope of the event.

3.) Gradually, over the next weeks and months, release information only when absolutely necessary.

4.) Maintain the "no risk to the public" official stance at all times. Invoke "national security" if necessary to keep the pesky public from knowing about any problems.


crf said...

Mala Fides,

You forgot
*) Farting away an enormous surplus on a gst tax cut and pointless spending to buy votes.
*) Doing nothing that conservatives advertise themselves as interested in, such as making government run more efficiently. Instead Harper has bloated government beyond belief.