Wednesday, February 4, 2009

John Tory Ready to lose Again


NEWS February 4, 2009

A writ was issued today under Section 9.1 of the Election Act for a byelection in the electoral district of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. The byelection will fill a vacancy created in the provincial parliament.

Under the Election Act, elections must be called on a Wednesday and held the fifth Thursday after the date of the issue of the writ. Voting day will be March 5, 2009.



bigcitylib said...

I'm a bit torn about this. In a way I'd like to see Tory lose, but trying to think as a non-partisan citizen I might like to see an alternative to the McGuinty Libs one of these days. Better a moderate like Tory than a Whack Job

James Bowie said...

I hope he wins. I hope we get ten more years of Tory opposition.

James Curran said...

Here's the thing. I don't believe it letting opposition leaders keep their jobs. It's the old nine lives trick. The Conservatives will be in a freefall trying to kill each other over who will be leader.

Had we taen Harper down the result would have been the same. Giving him another free life gives him a chance to get off the mat.

PolarDan said...

Best case scenario I think would be a narrow Tory win (preferably involving a judicial recount). He would get his seat, but be walking wounded for the next 2 years, and his party would eat him alive. It would be so much fun to watch. :^)

Möbius said...

I hope he wins. I hope we get ten more years of Tory opposition.

Don't worry. If he does, you will.