Friday, February 6, 2009

Jim Flaherty Selling off the Farm

Deficit Jim is used to buying properties that are steal of a deals. Now he's gonna sell some to someone else. Where can we sign up for the list?



roblaw said...'s got some of us considering a vote for a more conservative leader.. oh, like Ignatieff..

James Curran said...

I wonder how much it cost us last time he did this. Selling triple A realestate and not only renting it back, but renovating first for the new owners.

Beijing York said...

I don't get the media and opposition parties being shocked, SHOCKED I say, over this so called "white elephant". This was already indicated in the bogus Fall Economic Update and was never taken off the table or further expanded other than "general sales of assets" and reductions (public program cuts) resulting from program review.