Sunday, February 1, 2009

Conservative Raitt's Nuclear Disaster Cover Up - Day 58


And where are the calls from the opposition for a public inquiry?

Jack Layton is too busy attacking Iggy for bailing on the coalition.

Gilles is too busy trying to figure out how he is going to bail on the BQ and resurrect a bid for the provincial leadership.

And Ignatieff . . . he is too busy playing hall monitor while Harper is on "probation".

Meanwhile, Harper and his cronies continue to avoid any accountability for not shutting down and repairing the Chalk River Nuclear facility when they were advised by Canada's "independent" regulator Linda Keen that an accident was likely to happen.

Harper and his Ministers continue to avoid any responsibility for the nuclear leaks that occurred and continue to plague the aging plant.

Canadians are no wiser as to why there was an almost two month delay before being advised that nuclear incidents had occurred (and are continuing to occur) at one of its nuclear facilities.

A good synopsis of the situation is found here

In waiting for the press to be focused on the January 27 budget to be tabled before notifying the public of the problems at Chalk River, Stephen Harper and Minister Lisa Raitt have risen to the height of political cynicism in trying to distract Canadians from the obvious responsibility their government should take for firing Linda Keen for doing her job, for allowing a dangerous situation to continue to exist at Chalk River and for covering up the incident for almost 2 months while their government was already on the verge of defeat over their reckless economic update.

It was much more import for the Minister of Natural Resources to notify the public of the Energy Board Appoiintments than it was to tell them about a nuclear spill. In fact several annoncesment by the Minister were more important than a silly old nuclear leak.

I wonder if this is of any importance to those that live anywhere near Chalk River?

Mr. Ignatieff, call for an inquiry now!!!



Jennifer Smith said...

And not a peep about any of it on Raitt's pathetic boilerplate website.

I'm shocked. Really.

Mala Fides said...

A few other suggestions for possible Headline Titles would be:

1) "Accountability Meltdown"

2) "Radioactive Raitt"

3) "Radioactive Political Leaks"

4) "The Heavy (water) Price of Accountability"

5) "Playing Politics with Plutonium"

6) "How I learned to love deficits while hiding a nuclear radiation spill"

or my favorite . . .

7) "Hey!! Why the #@%&! didn't anyone tell me that there was a nuclear leak???"

Mala Fides said...

All joking aside, this is serious business.

Canadians ought to demand an explanation as to why the hell Chalk River was allowed to continue running despite the government being warned that problems were likely to arise by Linda Keen.

Instead of being commended for astute regulation, she was fired!!!

I too call for a comprehensive inquiry into both Keen's termination and into the December 5, 2008 leaks and the ongoing leaks.

I am sure that Ms. Keen would have something to say about the situation if she weren't tied up in litigation with Harper's government.

Mala Fides said...

Just a quick question, how much, if any, was in the budget to fix the broken and leaking reactor??