Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trapped Like Rats

So what is the politically correct word that you use when an army surrounds an area, doesn't allow people in or out, doesn't let the free flow of food and medical supplies in (now there's a corridor), cuts off power and water supplies, does not let the international press into the affected area and bombs clearly identified United Nations buildings?

I'd ask Ezra Levant, but he doesn't allow leftist Liberal comments most of the time. The ICRC calls it a full-blown humanitarian crisis.


penlan said...

Politically correct word...hmmm...there is none. Because no matter what you, or I say, we are suddenly anti-Semitic. I call it annhilation, or a phrase we've all heard: shooting fish in a barrel.

It's an inhumane situation. There! Inhumane?

The Doctor said...

As you well know, Israel has allowed 10 tons of humanitarian aid into gaza in the last 10 days.

How much has been allowed in through Egypt's entry point with Gaza?

Neal said...

Actually, there's been a huge amount of humanitarian aid flowing from Israel into Gaza. The problem is that it's all being seized by Hamas. After they've taken what they want - they then SELL it to the Gazans.

As for that UN school - have you watched the video? Do the secondary explosions cause you even a moments hesitation before you proclaim Israel guilty. Never mind - it's obviously a rhetorical question on my part.

James Curran said...

Tell me Neal. Can 10 tons of supplies (not just food) feed 1.5 million people that have no water, no electricity and no fuel?

Does it concern you that the UN gave the GPS locations across Gaza and 40 civilians died in spite of that?

If a rocket from Hamas hits a UN school in Israel, would it have any significant outrage in your short-sighted mind?

Never mind. That's obviously a rhetorical question or two.

Neal said...

Well, in order to answer your question, I need to know - was the UN school in Israel really a school, or was it merely a front for the evil zionists to store weapons and fire unabated at the completely innocent Hamas freedom fighters? That, of course, would make a ton of difference in how I would feel about the carnage.

Moral equivalence is a fascinating thing to behold. A school in Israel is probably a school. A school in Gaza is a good place to store weapons since, if it's fired upon innocents will die and create a perfect PR op. And in your mind, they are exactly the same.

And you're right - 10 tons is not a lot of food. Especially since Hamas is taking what it wants, and then selling the dregs to their own people. But, of course, Israel is the villain in the equation - not your innocent freedom loving Hamas strugglers for peace and independence. And dead Jews - don't forget the dead Jews part of the Hamas charter.

And from reading your stuff - it's not clear at all that killing innocent school children in Israel would generate any significant outrage in your shallow little mind. Short sighted, indeed.

James Curran said...

Now Neal you're employing the doctrine of EzRaw LeRant that Jim Curran sheds no tears for Isaraeli babies murdered by terrorists. Which is a crock of shit.

And just so I get this straight. UN run schools, with UN Employees are now storing Hamas weapons?

The UN should be disbanned immediately for supporting Hamas.

The Doctor said...

Perhaps it is the UN that should be working on disbanding Hamas.

James Curran said...

Amen to that Doctor. That would be nice.

Neal said...

Well, Jim - I can only comment on what I see written here. And what I see written here suggests you have massive powers of moral equivalence that only run in one direction - towards Gaza.

Did you SEE the secondary explosions that happened at the UN school when the Israelis returned fire after being fired on from that same school? That was the point I was trying to make - which you snidely dismissed with your little "but if hamas blew up a school in Israel" comparison.

I didn't suggest that the UN was stockpiling weapons for Hamas - that is a convenient strawman of your own making. I merely stated the obvious - that Hamas was hiding fighters and weapons in the school - and didn't give a shit if a few innocent civilians got killed because of it. Because they know that they would get a sympathetic response from commentators like yourself. There have been a couple of nice videos showing Hamas hiding behind civilians and firing from schools - I'm sure you could find them if you looked. If you WANTED to look.

In certain social circles (perhaps ones you frequent - I don't know) - it was quite popular after 9/11 to, after paying unconvincing lip service to how "wrong" terrorism is, head down the path of root causes and roosting chickens. Some even went so far as to suggest that the innocent Americans immolated in the WTC deserved what they got - since they weren't innocent because, as Americans, they bore responsibility for the actions of our government. It's interesting that those same social circles now hold Gazans completely blameless for electing a government who expressly defines elimination of Israel and the killing of Jews as official policy. Representatives of their elected government have been shelling Israel for years with the express intent of killing civilians, But somehow all Gazans are blameless and the Israelis are the evil ones in the equations. Interesting how that works, eh?

James Curran said...

It's certainly not me suggesting that Hamas is RIGHT. It's not me suggesting that Gazans should have known better. History shows that when inhumane conditions exist for people, sonner or later they look to an alternative plan. Gaza is a giant prison camp/refugee camp that free palestinians are unable to leave or enter.

I'd like to now see you justify the blowing up of a UN truck during a 3 hour ceasefire period, when the truck was clearly marked with a UN flag. Surely you're not going to suggest that Hamas was hiding at an Israeli checkpoint?

This miltary action sucks. It's not doing any of the sides any good. We need an immediate, sustainable ceasefire and we need to get some civilians treated and fed.

And if Isreal really wants a more balanced reporting of life inside of Gaza, perhaps they should abide by the Supreme Court of Israel's decision to let foreign reporters into the Strip.

The casualty reports I'm now receiving have the number at over 4000 Palestinians. The ICRC and the UN are both reporting a staggering amount of human tragedy. I'm inclined to think they aren't exagerating for the sake of Hamas - although EzRaw LeRant and Jason Cherniak have their suspicions they are.

As for my ever-growing anti-semitic and bigot reputation, I just received my weekly Liberals4Israel update. I know what you and EzRaw are thinking: that Curran sure does infiltrate those pro-Israel groups just to see what he can leak to those anti-Israel groups. Although Ezraw would argue I do it to feed the neo-nazis.

James Curran said...

Oh, then of course Kinsella would argue that I'm in that group in name only because I'm not a Liberal anymore.

Neal said...

So is this your typical "debating" style - just change the subject? Not sure what a UN truck bombing has to do with the conversation we are (or were) having.

The UN and IRC have been known to "allow" their vehicles to be used for weapons transport. So - was the UN truck bombing on purpose due to some intelligence suggesting that it was being used for some nefarious purpose - or was it a tragic mistake? I don't know - and neither do you. Are YOU suggesting that the Israelis intentionally targeted a UN truck and killed an innocent man for the pure amusement of it? Sure seems that way.

All snark aside - you are a bigot and an anti-semite. The fact that you don't see that and try to present yourself as the exact opposite is amusing, but unconvincing.