Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tory Strategist Levant Questions Ignatieff's Loyalty

The ever-cunning EzRaw Levant has now taken a backstep about his love for Michael Ignatieff and is now questioning the Liberal leader's support for Israel.

The response from the Liberal War Room? And, Jason Cherniak? Nada.



Babar said...

Man, Cherniak is so ripping LibsOnline off with his new header -- a bit of Great PMs and a bit of Maple leaf.

Since his purging of Liblogs, Cherniak's been redesigning Liblogs like crazy. I guess he's desperately trying to save his position as Thought Police Tyrant.

Babar said...

...and what's with his Liblogs slogan "Our Voice" -- Cherniak is trying to pretend that he is not playing Thought Police by censoring blogs.

The Mound of Sound said...

James, fill me in. Is a Hunter Thompson evern so faint and pretentious wannabe, Kinsella, really Ignatieff's "War Room" and is Ezra really a "Tory Strategist." Has this all become some Timothy Leary altered reality?

Please, tell me.

James Curran said...

YES. Ezra was in the Con war room for the October election and appears regularly on Senator Duffy's show as a strategist. And yes to the second part too.

Gene said...

James, your headline is incomplete. He questions Ignatieff's 'loyalty to Israel', not his loyalty to Canada. I understand that readers get it, but still it does make a difference if only visually.

Anyway, it's your call.