Sunday, January 4, 2009

Speaking of Assholes

This one defends Israel's invasion by suggesting the 500 dead Palestinians have been killed by Hamas rather than Israeli bombs. That's good spin. See. Hamas is shooting rockets at their own people I guess. Let's make the death count an even 450 then. That might make it more justifiable then.

I suppose this asshole thinks I support Hamas killing children too. What an idiot.

shlemazl said...
Does the 500 include Palestinian girls killed by Hamas just before the start of Israeli operation? Or Palestinians murdered by Hamas in cold blood in the last few days?

As for the 4 Israelis included in your count, that's way too many. Ditto for Palestinian civilians who by some counts constitute 25% of the Palestinian victims.

Palestinian terrorists are fully responsible for all victims just as Nazis were responsible for German victims in WWII.

4/1/09 14:30


Robin Goodfellow said...

Wow. There's a real crisis happening, and you stubborn jerks are fighting over who said what, how, and why. Who cares?

This pathetic fighting amongst one another does nobody's cause any better.

Why don't we start talking about how to resolve the problem, rather than pointlessly naming and blaming?

Grow up, all of you.

James Curran said...

You are a good fellow. Well said.