Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open Letter to my Jewish Friends....

....No, not you Ezra. Apparently I now hate all of you. In fact, it appears I hate all of your relatives and fellow Jews too if you listen to Ezra.

I should have known better to weigh into an international crisis involving Israel and the Palestinians. But the truth is that I just don't like innocent women and children being killed in military conflicts - regardless of where the blame may placed. That means women and children of all race, colour, creed and religious beliefs. That would include Israeli and Palestinian women and children.

Ezra Levant, who IS clearly a bigot by all accounts, has chosen to minimize my support of Israel and its right to defend itself based on an unfortunate and regrettable comment I made regarding the Czech Foreign Minister and his ancestrial background. Many of you have taken me to task for that comment. To all of you I apologize for that unfortunate remark. Most of you KNOW it is not indicative of my actual beliefs about Israel or the Jewish doctrine. Nonetheless it does not underscore the severity or the repercussions of such a slip of the hand - of which I believe I am being more than ridiculed for.

I will restate my belief that Israel has a solemn right to defend itself against its enemies. I denounce all who are dedicated to the eradication of all Jews and the State of Israel. I DO NOT recognize the duly elected Hamas government in Gaza. I DO NOT support the use of rockets by Hamas militants directed at the Israeli population. I DO NOT support the Israeli blockade of Gaza. I DO NOT support the current Israeli military operation known as Cast Lead.

If this doctrine that I have prescribed above makes me an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating bigot, then I guess Ezra has made a correct assumption of who I am.


Robert McClelland said...

Why do the idiotic opinions of a demented halfwit bother you so much?

James Curran said...

They don't. EzRaw is simply trying to get even for the many posts I've blogged here about his stupidity and bigotry.

But, the opinions of my Jewish friends do matter.

I'm a big boy and can openly admit to making a halfwit statement of my own. Hindsight is always 20/20 though.

Anonymous said...

Since Ezra the moderator does not comments that go contrary to what he spews, I'm going to quote from his blog post...
Jason Cherniak’s approach is to ask everyone to focus solely on a pro-Israel statement made by that party’s leader, Michael Ignatieff, and to ignore any Liberal voices to the contrary. I’m glad Cherniak is trying to rebut various anti-Semites within his party, such as James Curran. But I don’t think Cherniak’s going to get far merely by arguing with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activists. By the time someone is actually supporting the Hamas terrorist group, it’s a safe bet that a few words in an Internet chat isn’t going to turn them around.

Warren Kinsella has a similar approach. Like Cherniak, he senses that his party is being infected by anti-Semites who would not have been welcome there under Jean Chretien’s leadership. What’s his advice? Kinsella asks the bigots within his party to be quiet, lest they cause a media stir. His blog entry is really quite incredible: he points to a Canada-Israel Committee news release a couple of years ago criticizing a Liberal anti-Semite, and calls the news release “unhelpful”.

It really does seem that either you are pro-Israel, if not, then you should just shuffle off....

I once believed in the Liberal party but the likes of Cherniak and Kinsella want to stifle debate within the party when it comes to Israel.
I think this "anti-Semite" is not going to renew his Liberal membership and give his support to the BQ or any other party that is more open.

Yes, I am insulted that Liblogs is passing pro-Israeli propaganda, yes I am insulted by Kinsella.
It seems that these kind of Liberals want to reduce the political debate to sound bytes.

We all decry Muslim extremists but I don't see much difference with pro-Israel force in Canada with the attitude of Israel is right no matter what...

James, your views are a lot more pro-Israel than mine (I think that Isreal should go back to 1967 borders) and it's indicative that you are being savaged by your "Jewish Friends".

It seems that many are Canadian and many are Liberals UNLESS it comes to being Jewish - then anything pro-Israel will trump that...

Dr.Dawg said...


I doubt that you are an anti-Semite, but that was an unfortunate remark. I'm glad you apologized. It's fair to assume that Jews are statistically more likely than non-Jews to support the actions of the state of Israel, but being Jewish doesn't account for such support, or there would be no non-Jewish supporters of Israel.

But what, may I ask, do you mean by "the Jewish doctrine?"

Robert McClelland said...

I'm a big boy and can openly admit to making a halfwit statement of my own.

People make halfwit statements all the time and I bet I could find plenty more of them from you. So why did you feel compelled to address only the one that pertained to Jews if not for the fact that you clearly are concerned by what halfwits like Levant think of you?

James Curran said...

Dawg, that is a blog all and of itself I'm sure.

James Curran said...

And I know I can find many from you Robert.
I'm compelled because it was simply wrong. And, it is something I do not honestly believe in.
When brought to my intention I had to re-examine the content and how insensitive it was. I had apologized yesterday in my comment section, but apparently that wasn't received by the masses.
Having lived as a child in the predominantly Jewish area of Bathurst and Finch, I came to be friends with many of my Jewish playmates and the rest of my life I have spent supporting the right of Israel to defend itself. But, having said that, I still will not support this current Israel military operation.

Christian Conservative said...

If it means anything to you James, I wouldn't put you on my list of those who "hate" Israel.

I for one DO support the current Israeli action, simply because Hamas REFUSES to reign in it's militants and their rockets. Basicly, I justify Israel's actions because Hamas is actively supporting the rocket attacks by refusing to prevent them.

Red Tory said...

Yes, if only Hamas would reign in their militants, everything would be rosy. But seeing as they won't... well then, there's nothing left but to cluster BOMB them and anyone nearby into Hamas-burgers. I'm sure that's what Jesus would have done. ;)

Skinny Dipper said...

I would like to thank Christian Conservative for his kind thoughts toward James.

Personally, I have no problem criticizing Israel on different issues. I don't think that makes me anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. If I were to criticize Poland or Italy, would that make me anti-Catholic? I know someone will say that Israel is a Jewish state. Yes, a majority of the citizens are Jewish. I separate synagogue and state. Israel is not a theocracy. If it were, I would be criticizing it as I would be against other countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

I am not one of those who thinks that if Hamas and its supporters fire 20 rockets into Israel, then Israel can only fire 20 back. If Israel through its military wishes to selectively target Hamas fighters or carpet bomb the Gaza strip, the Israelis will need to think of the advantages and consequences of their actions. If someday, the Israelis want to force all the Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan, then that is their choice if they can accomplish this. However, the Israelis will need to think of the reprecussions of their actions. Would Israel be any safer with all the Palestinians gone?

Does it matter if James or Israel doesn't recognize a Hamas government? No, it doesn't. From James, I don't his non-recogition will mean much; from Israel, the state will have do deal with Hamas one way or another. Israel did eventually deal with the PLO which resulted in a handshake on the White House lawn between Yitzak Rabin and Yasser Arafat. Someday, there may be a handshake between the Israeli and a Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Anonymous said...

well then, there's nothing left but to cluster BOMB them and anyone nearby into Hamas-burgers.
Given the control of the borders by Israel, these are rather lean burgers... Could that be an added benefit?

Robert McClelland said...

I for one DO support the current Israeli action, simply because Hamas REFUSES to reign in it's militants and their rockets.

And before Hamas existed people like you merrily supported Israel's thuggery because the PLO wouldn't reign in their rock throwers. No doubt once Hamas is gone you'll just move on to saying, "Well, if only the Palestinian Farfignewton Party would reign in their militants..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone is so fired up. Can there not be views on what is going on without everyone people throwing insults and labels around.

As far as that whacked out Albertan, the only people who pay attention to his antics are those who already believe the earth is flat and only 6000 years old. It doesn't really matter what they think.

I enjoy healthy debate on issues, and this one is worthy of discussion. I personally am not sure what view to take on this resurgence of violence as I'm not living in Israel dealing with the threats, nor am I living the Palistinian experience as well.

James Curran said...

I see. Now you want to make assertions as to what I believe and think - or have thought for that matter. Hm. Interesting.

You guys work out the details. Just leave the deaths of children and innocents out of it whatever it is.

Dr.Dawg said...


You don't need to write a blogpost on that. A synopsis will do nicely.

Seriously, I don't have an agenda here. I'm just a curious kind of bloke.

James Curran said...

Easy Acid or Ezra will call you a bigot woth you alberta slurs.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that while many people are quick to criticize Israel over their actions, they have said nothing while thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel for months. (Please show me the posts of people criticizing Hamas BEFORE the counter-attacks by Israel if I am misinformed.) Sure people will pay lip service and 'condemn' Hamas now - they only do so as a means to 'legitimize' the vitriol they spew at Israel.

The Israelis are damned no matter what they do. If they do nothing they continue to be the target of thousands of rockets fired by Hamas. If they fight back against Hamas they get criticized for it. Considering the choice, can you blame them for taking the choice that provides them with better protection for their people? If they are going to lose no matter what they do, they may as well protect their people.

Meamwhile, as Hamas decry the humanitarian crisis on the Gaza strip, one has to wonder if things would be so bad if they put as much effort into smuggling in food and medical aid as they have into smugging in rockets. While the situation in Gaza is tragic, it is entirely the responsbility of Hamas. They are the ones who have to ask themselves if this was worth it.

James Curran said...

What a ridiculous statement. Nobody here was happy with Israel's plight. Israelis however have a right to move from the attacked areas. Palestinians (because you know, they all aren't Hamas) can't flee to anywhere. They are trapped.

And, they have had to smuggle food and medicine to survive. mny children have died in those tunnels as they collpase on top of them.

Do Israeli children still have access to schools, food, stores, gasoline and electricity?

Yesterday a young Palestinian mother was filmed in mourning as her 6 month old baby died when she could not find food or water for 4 days.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Israelis however have a right to move from the attacked areas." That, my dear sir, is the ridiculous statement here. Hamas rockets have gone 45kms so far (Gedera), which means they could reach the West Bank if they didn't aim properly. Heck, that's more than half-way to Jerusalem for that matter. What cities are between Gedera and the Gaza Strip? Ashdod, pop 207,000 - Ashqelon, pop 107,000 - Kiryat Gat, pop 47,000 just to name a few.

To suggest that the people of Israel 'move' has got to be one of the silliest things I have ever heard. This is exactly why Hamas are firing rockets to begin with. They want to drive Israel out of region. If Israelis moved, it would be the single biggest incentive to Hamas to step up their attacks and launch even more rockets - and they would certainly try and get longer range rockets to build on their 'success'. Do you honestly think that if Israelis 'moved' that Hamas would cease their attacks?

In the last 10 days (to Jan 6) there have been 520 missiles that have landed in Israel. A total of 70 rockets were fired on Israel the day BEFORE the supposed cease-fire was to end. Heck, over 3000 rockets were fired in 2008, yet where was the condemnation of Hamas then? The silence was deafening as people looked the other way. Funny how people perk their ears when Israel fights back, yet nary a word was said while thousands of rockets rained down on Israel in 2008. People run to the UN now to get Israel to stop their offensive, yet the UN was quiet on the matter as the rockets fell like snow in 2008.

War is hell. When the world fought back against Germany in WWII, over 1.5 million German civilians died. Should we have stepped back and allowed Hilter free reign because civilians were dying? When one side attacks another, sooner or later the side being attacked will fight back. Hamas is a registered terrorist organization that would engage in the genocide of all Jews in Israel if they had the means to carry it out. Just because the tools they have been using of late haven't been as effective as they would like, it does not mitigate their real intent.

James Curran said...

Are Israelis trapped in Israel and not allowed to leave? NO! Get a grip. 780,000 people are without water and power today in Gaza. 600,000 have no food today in Gaza. 450 have gone untreated at one hospital alone because there is no room to put them.

Babies are dying from starvation. 6 month old babies. And your answer is war is hell.

What do you think happens when you don't allow people to leave a military zone? And then you rein bullets and bombs on their homes? Where do think those people will begin to turn?

I'm no psycholigist, but I think I know the answer.

Anonymous said...

If the people of the Gaza Strip are sick of this, let them rise up against Hamas, overthrow them, and put in their own leaders that will act with more sense. You don't see Israel attacking the West Bank do you...? It would seem that Fatah are smart enough to know that doing something that foolish would not be in the best interest of their people.

As for relocation of Israelis, it's still silly to suggest that a half-million Israelis can trek to Jerusalem and ask the local Holiday Inn, "Can I get 500,000 rooms please?" You can't relocate that many people, regardless of what side they are on.

I never suggested that this situation isn't dire for those in the Gaza strip, but the fact remains that Hamas is actively bringing this violence upon their people. All it would have taken is for Hamas to stop firing rockets on Israel. Had Hamas not been constantly attacking Israel then my reaction would have been ENTIRELY different in this matter. Why is it that you are not willing to hold Hamas responsible for this?

For there to be peace in the region BOTH sides need to stop fighting. If Hamas was to stop firing rockets now, Israel would have no choice but to cease their offensive. As grave as the situation is in Gaza, you can't complain about the conditions of your people on the one hand, while lobbing rockets with the other.