Friday, January 16, 2009 Welcomes New Featured Bloggers welcomes its new group of Featured Liberal Bloggers. Give them all a big round of applause folks!!!

There is some confusion around the blogworld about the new aggregator. Some would lead people to believe that as a member of Liblogs, you have to quit that aggregator to become a member of NOT TRUE my friends. There is no reason that you cannot belong to both. Unless, of course, the aggregator admins reject your blog.

1 Anxious Liberal

A Blog By James Curran

Bowie's Blog


Five of Five

Hell, Upside Down

Hopefully worth writing down

If necessary blogging but not necessarily blogging

John Laforet’s Blog


Let Freedom Rain

Morton's Musings

Offal News

Politics - for the people

Random Noise

Runesmith's Canadian Content

Take off, eh?

The Disaffected Lib

The Sleveen Institute


Without A Net

Woman at Mile 0


janfromthebruce said...

Wow, you are really on the move. Good show! Congrats!

James Curran said...


Northern PoV said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate post and you already answered - I tried to fix a typo...

Good luck.

Is there a set of rules that will prevent someone from hi-jacking the site?

For example - will someone be able to post a sticky at the top telling how to think about what goes on at the east end of the Mediterranean?

James Curran said...

We are going to search for moderators and a diligent board of directors shortly. I doubt blog aggrogate terrorism will be an issue over there at

Northern PoV said...

Thanks James.

I really admire what Jason did before trying to impose narrow-minded, ethnocentric views on the Liblog readers.

Input to your new BoD:
Please issue an informal rule about the ratio of personal to political posts. I enjoy the occasional non-political post, but there is at least one blogger on Liblogs who literally spams the site with cute photos, obscure doggerel, legal minutiae and MSM items that are found on the news aggregators. And his spam means I don't get to read many of the posts that belong there as they get pushed off too quickly.

James Curran said...

Yes, I've heard this complaint before. We will monitor the situation closely. If you notice, however, allows for a very large amount of posts on its front page and does not consume space with posted pictures. Would you like us to increase the number of posts allowable on the front page?

Northern PoV said...

oops - Morton is already there on the new board

suffering sucatash

Northern PoV said...

sure - a longer life span for posts on the front page and the no photos rule will help

I still think the vast majority of posts s/b political

thanks for listening