Friday, January 16, 2009 Welcomes Maxwell's House and The Rational Number

Two new Featured Liberal Bloggers have joined today.

Maxwell's House and

The Rational Number

Join one. Join all.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Congratulations to all. Am watching the growth of LibsOnline with interest. Kinda like crossing the floor, blogging style!

Methinks progressive non-partisans could use their own aggregator site. Haven't the skill or resources to do that myself... Anyone?

James Curran said...

I am a rank amateur myself. I wish I had a little more help too. I used, but it doesn't have much creative freedom yet.

LeDaro said...

Great job. Close to 2000 hits in 2 days. You're doing a great job. Site looks better and better with more bloggers signing in.

James Curran said...

Thanks buddy.

The Rational Number said...

Yes, thanks all. I'm new at this, and happy to be here.

Chrystal Ocean said...

James, have you any knowledge of the person/group behind Did a whois search and it's not all that illuminating.

Organisation: Jose Solorzano, Emeryville, CA, USA

Scott Tribe said...

Hey Chrystal.. what exactly is wrong with Progressive Bloggers? ;)

There's all types of progressive non-partisans on there.

And if you want a really really non-partisan aggregator, try the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians, run by James bow.

James Curran said...

I have to agree with Scott there.

I know nothing about the other guys Chrystal, but is was a quick solution for a needed venue.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Hey, Scott. 'Tis nothing wrong with PB at all! It's been great for Challenging the Commonplace. But more homes the merrier, methinks. The more ways Daphne and I can spread our ornery messages through the Internet, the better.