Monday, January 26, 2009

If I were Stephen Harper and I had a Budget to Drop

What, oh what would I do to absolutely piss off the opposition and still make myself look not bad if I had to fight an election. You know what I'd throw in the budget? I'd throw that there party financing thing out the window again. Yep. I would. I'd do it simply because I think I could get away with it knowing the Liberal Party is not going to go through with a coalition of the damned and certainly aren't ready for an election in 38 days.

Nawww. Stephen probably thinks that's too risky.



Constant Vigilance said...

Good call.

I agree he will do something to provoke a reaction. All of the leaks have been designed to make them look good. He will pick a fight over the financing or other issue to go to the polls over.

His instinct is to campaign not govern after all.

Beijing York said...

Good call on the instinct to campaign, CV. Seriously, even when Parliament was in session, the Harper conservatives spent more time on pre-election campaigning than anything else that was open to public scrutiny. (Also, he made 1500 government appointments in three years of barely governing -- that's got to be another first for his list of accomplishments that include shortest Throne Speech, most Senate appointments in one day, etc.)