Wednesday, January 21, 2009

IAEA to Look into Gaza Uranium Ammunition Claim

But they're just like every other bomb. Only they can pierce armour. Remind me again, did the opposing side in the Gaza conflict have an armoured division or something?


janfromthebruce said...

No, they were defenseless civilians who were and continue to remained trapped in small space.
You know when I hear commenters talks about this as a "war" I know it's war propaganda, but like what is this all about? Another country invades, does shock and awe, kills citizens and the world turns away. What kind of world do I live in?

janfromthebruce said...

James, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new liberal aggregator. And I love the utube insert - "revolution." Really nice touch and very upbeat.
Good show!

James Curran said...

Thanks for the props Jan.

roblaw said...

Jan.. when you're shelling another country with rockets.. yes, that's a war.

That being said - as I've blogged myself, while experience in WWII does, I believe, give Israel an understandable right to be aggressive with neighbors who have opined that Israel has no right to exist, with powerful friends in Iran who have called upon Arab states to use nuclear weapons against Israel - it doesn't give Israel carte blanche to just do whatever they like.

I've tried my best to make sense of the positions of the Israeli's and the Palestinians at Taba and since - and I do find it ironic that Israel would not be at least somewhat more understanding of the need of a displaced group to acquire "nationhood".

The difficulty - as so often is the case, is that people find it easier to polarize and take one side or the other than to truly see the complexity of the problems.. and as Hammas is torturing and executing Fatah members as we speak, and has made a policy of using civilian shields as a tactic of war - well, there is plenty of blame to go 'round.

The real question is why the world - the Arab and Western World - do not get a little more aggressive about demanding that the parties resolve their differences.. but - then again, there is the polarization.. Iran, Syria, Egypt and others are still going to fund Hamas directly and indirectly, because Israel is "wrong" and the U.S. principally is still going to do the same with Israel because Hamas is wrong..

Perhaps if the money taps got shut off on both ends, there would be greater impetus for peace.. just a thought.

Thermblog said...

I supppose you can take your pick of viewpoints.

"Hamas sold Gaza to Iran and they sold it in exchange for weapons and tunnels in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and declared jihad on Israel which provides them with food, and Israel sent trucks full of humanitarian supplies over to Gaza..."