Thursday, January 29, 2009

Canadian Silkwood (Day 55)

(Day 55)

And still nothing from the Canadian media!!!!

Aside from a few shots by Geof Regan, where is the rest of the opposition? Why hasn't there been any major press conferences about this?

Two days after the story breaks and still the story of a nuclear spill is on the back pages of the major papers if there is anything at all printed about it.

I certainly don't expect to hear anything from Stephen Harper or Lisa Raitt, given that they intentionally and conveniently waited almost two months to advise the Canadian public that one of their reactors had blown a couple of leaks and continues to emit radiation into the environment.

Folks, there was a Nuclear incident on December 5, 2008!!!!!!!!

Does anyone remember the front pages of the newspaper in any of our nation's leading cities on December 5, 2008?

You would think that if there was a nuclear spill (or two) at one of Canada's nuclear reactors that it would have warranted some coverage by the press and that the Canadian government ought to have made some kind of announcement about the incident - even more so when the leak happened at the very same nuclear facility that Canada's independent nuclear regulator
ordered shut down because of concerns over potential system failures (including the parts that we now know were related to the leaks)!

BUT NO!!!!! In Stephen Harper's world, political interests override public safety - even when it comes to a nuclear spill!

Almost two (2) months have passed since this incident occurred. TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!

And when does the Canadian public find out about it?? On the day the Harper Government releases its soon to be infamous budget.

The nuclear spill story is buried in the newspapers by the Harper Depression and the Harper 'fudget'.

Why the two month wait to let us know about a nuclear spill Steve?

If you couldn't be straight with us back in early December are we getting the full story now????

Now that we have seen the results of Stephen Harper's gross negligence in refusing to heed the advice of our country's most senior nuclear regulator, I again call for a comprehensive public inquiry into this nuclear leak and into the politicization of and political interference with what was supposed to be an independent body.

Has anyone seen the movie "Silkwood"? Well, it's the same sick mentality being demonstrated in Harper's decision to fire Linda Keen.

Stephen Harper, why did you fire Linda Keen for telling you that the reactor wasn't safe because its pumps needed to be replaced?

From his response to the listeria outbreak to his flat out lies about the true state of the economy, Stephen Harper has failed to be truthful with the Canadian public about the most serious issues confronting our national security and our national interests.

At every turn, Stephen Harper has made sure that partisan political interests override good decision-making.

The Chalk River/Linda Keen story stinks of political incompetence, gross negligence on the part of our government and now cover-up!!! Where is the media?? Where is the opposition???

Do we really need to go down the same long and tortuous road our American friends have so thoroughly rejected?

Do we need to let Canada's version of George Bush run our economy and our country into the ground?

Be it the budget, be it the endless lies, be it the continuous assaults and character assassinations leveled against his political opponents, be it the gross incompetence in handling the economy or the outright negligence of ignoring and then firing the independent nuclear regulator, please end this era of North American right-wing neo-conservative failure. End it now!!!!

Go back to the shadows of the backroom Steve!!! You are incapable of responsible and accountable leadership.

MPs of all parties (including Liberals, Conservatives and Reformers) still have a chance to vote against Stephen Harper's lies, deceptions and incompetence!

Vote against a budget that will do next to nothing to help the economy!

Vote against a Prime Minister who puts ideology and political games before good policy!

Let's get on with the real work of keeping Canada safe and strong.

Call your Members of Parliament today and tell them to reject Stephen Harper and to reject the budget

h/t to the author of the letter above.



Anonymous said...

This evening, the Liberal/Conservative coalition voted down this BQ amendment:
The amendment would have forced the Conservative government to eliminate promised tax breaks and abandon plans for a national securities regulator.

It would also have enhanced Employment Insurance, provided direct assistance to manufacturers and forestry, and left untouched the existing pay equity and equalization formulas.

All Libs seem lockstep with Iggy.

As for the nuclear incident this was highly predictable.

So, why do Liberals hate Canadians so much?

lyrical said...

I searched for videos on Chalk River and found this one. (The Chalk River part is at 2:20 but the first couple of minutes are good, too.)

It's from a year ago, when the media was a little kinder to Mr. Dion.

penlan said...

I've seen Silkwood, a couple of times. There was some mention of the spill, just one mind you not the two, sometime in Dec. Can't remember when exactly. Then heard absolutely nothing more. Saw it in an online newspaper.

None of this is making sense to me. If I lived in the area of the Chalk River facility I'd be screaming bloody murder.

It's the game at play, James: Politics as usual.

Mala Fides said...

This situation IS screaming for a public inquiry.

Given all the facts, I can't see how it can be avoided.
If anyone in Ottawa is the slighest bit serious about responsible government there has to be a public inquiry.

Big Winnie said...

Raitt was first made aware of the spill on Dec 6th, the day after the spill occurred, according to her answer during question period on Thurs.

penlan said...

Raitt knew of the spill Dec. 6th eh James. Then what? She just sat on it & chose not to delve further into it? That's what it sounds like. And this woman ousted Garth. Gah!