Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well That Didn't Take Long

I suspect there'll be plenty more where this came from. Man! The written and spoken word sure is a powerful thing.

The Great Man Cometh. But, many wanted more of a say.

Better start raising some money for those counter-attack ads.


Shawn M. said...

It's odd, but when I read those Michael Ignatieff quotes I am not left with the same conclusion so many of his detractors are. In fact, I'd go so far as to say he is often suggesting something close to the opposite than what seems often to be interpreted from his remarks!

Michael Ignatieff, writing as a human being and not a politician, was showing that he is able to understand the positions of those he disagrees with. So? Nowadays we expect our leaders to be absolute caricatures of human beings -- these contrarians who never, ever compromise or make concessions, let alone admit to being wrong.

Here was a man who sympathised with those who believed taking out Saddam Hussein was a worthwhile goal regardless of context, or to those who are so desperate in their fight of terrorism that, in 'doomsday scenarios,' they'll be willing to become a little less morally rigid. He nonetheless made it clear that torture needs to be defined and have strict limits regardless of a 'ticking clock,' argued that the decision to invade Iraq was, at best, a morally perilous one, and made it clear that deep down, the many separatists cling to old, outmoded, close-minded prejudices.

roblaw said...

..seems to me this blue blogger said much the same Shawn.. as I've said, Michael will be a potentially difficult opponent to Harper, if he maintains his somewhat centrist leanings.. understanding the need for violence to deal with violence - with restraint.. the need to temper human rights with the need to assure individual liberty (I'm thinking he would have some concerns with section 13 of the federal human rights legislation..

..I think Ignatieff will get more flack, in fact, from the hard left in the Liberal party.. but will probably gain more from the centre than he'll lose on the left..