Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's Gone


S.K. said...

I'm gone too. I think the Liberals just lost half their membership and half their votes, and half their seats at least.

Honestly, I don't know if the Liberal Party should exist anymore. The old boys just can't let go. Perhaps a permanent Green/NDP/Liberal grassroots party should be considered.

John Murney said...
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Aurelia said...

I'm sorry Jim. Take care and I hope that you feel better soon and when you do, I hope you'll be back.


roblaw said...

James.. I hate to say.. well, you know..

My $.02? The Liberal party has moved too far off center.. Dion's biggest mistake was the Greenshift, which simply wasn't acceptable to average Canadians.. As good a man as you feel Bob Rae is, he was going to keep the party moving left when it really needs to move strongly back to the center.. Ignatieff, for his faults, will be a tougher opposition for Harper, and will help draw back that huge piece of the middle who doesn't identify with small lobby interests..

Witness the Democrats, when Obama stopped attacking the religious right, refused to bring race issues into the election, refused to enter the fray with gay marriage (which was a huge issue in most states) and campaigned on restoring a failing economy for the vast middle class, he succeeded..

Just as the Conservatives need to exorcize those seeking to use the party as a pulpit for capital punishment, anti-abortion, etc.. so the Liberals need to do the same with the far left..

The reality - relatively speaking, under either government, our Country does pretty well for the weak and infirm.. time to start paying more attention to the huge middle who are really having a tough time of it themselves right now..

Blues Clair said...

Bob's a centrist folks. Try to keep up. Anyways, tough day James, I feel your pain. Maybe for party unity all Ignatieff's bloggers and supporters could help retire Mr. Rae's leadership debt. I think that would be a good idea, no?

James Curran said...

Bob was raising good money over the past weeks. The internet campaign was going extremely well, however, you are correct, Bob still has expenses to pay. Everyone is encourage to donate at bobrae.ca.

Thanks Blues.

Demosthenes said...

I think part of the problem, roblaw, is those who think that the liberals being, well, liberal is somehow illegitimate.

And no, Obama didn't win as "a centrist". He proposed to raise the taxes on the rich and redistribute it to the poor, for God's sake, and in favor of withdrawal from Iraq. He is a self-declared progressive, has always been, and his rescue for "the great middle class" is based on progressive (even liberal!) principles.

(Why is a broadly progressive like Canada one that, apparently, requires two right-wing parties?)