Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stephane Dion Needs Your Help

Now more than ever. Donate a couple of bucks today. Then donate again in 30 days.


roblaw said...

James.. I wake today, in Alberta, feeling more disconnected from "Canada" than at any time during my lifetime. While "hate" is too strong a word.. the disdain I feel for Quebec and many I have spoken to over the last few days is palpable.

I wish you the best in "your" Canada..

James Curran said...

And many of us feel that way about Alberta my friend. You know, the Alberta that refuses to allow any MPs other than Conservative. Save for the two that got under the wire.

roblaw said...

..understood James.. it is, perhaps, a marriage that no longer serves the interests of either party.

The idea of "tribalism" is a need to feel "safe" by surrounding yourself with people who are "of your tribe". It is perhaps over-simplifying it, but the tendancy of Alberta to vote PC and Con overwhelmingly.. is probably in part because they don't feel "safe" in confederation.

And.. no doubt.. those feelings are held by those in Quebec who vote BQ.

One thing I've learned as a mediator and negotiator.. you don't need to agree with the fear and anger to deal with it.. but you have to understand it is there, and pretend it isn't at your peril.

It is truly, in Western Canada, a very, very sad time.

roblaw said...

Ironically enough, your nemesis Michael Ignatieff writes about the tenuous nature of the things that tie us together as "Canadians".. I fear his comments are proving true. Time will tell.

RuralSandi said...

The West feels left out....hmmm. Perhaps if the West sent us someone who isn't so hateful, partisan and governed for ALL Canadians, you wouldn't be so left out.

And, you can't keep crying separate and then attack the BLOC for the same thing. If Alberta wants to separate, they themselves are separtists.

Can't have it both ways.

roblaw said...

Rural Sandi.. you make my point exactly.. the concerns and angst of Western Canada is not understood or acknoweldged by central Canada.. which is fine, but we don't need to feel comfortable in that reality..

For example - a post saying, "we don't feel included, nor respected in this current form of confederation".. and the response - "well, maybe you should vote for people that we vote for".

I used to vote Liberal.. I had a naive notion that the "concept" of the Liberal party would serve everyone's interests.. it clearly didn't and doesn't.

My post isn't seeking agreement.. just making a statement of reality - that Western Canada is never a priority in Ottawa and is always expendable in the drive to satisfy Quebec and the GTA.

ProFreedomProConservative said...
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James Curran said...

Dear Conservative Spam Machine,

Get off of my blog!