Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Today Mike Duffy's Day?

We'll soon find out. PEI does have a vacancy.


Prairie Kid said...

It seems Liberals have their knickers in a knot over Mike Duffy. Maybe you should take a look at the Senators roster. And I don't mean hockey.

Jim Munson - Journalist CBC

Marie-P Poulin - Vice President of CBC

Oh I know, Harper said he wasn't going to appoint Senators . . . and Chretien was going to get rid of the GST and Martin said he was going to eliminate child poverty by 2000.

RuralSandi said...

Problem with Duffy is he gets his nickers in a knot when challenged about his Conservative leanings.

I wrote him once on an issue, quite nicely, about this and he sent me an email (angry) on an issue. Problem was, he forgot to remove the names - all conservative operatives and supporters.

I emailed back what he emailed me and didn't have an answer then.

About that Chretien and the GST - Chretien had quite a surprise when he took office - the country was in defecit and losing its credit rating and the CPP was in crisis -he had no choice but to keep it. Oh, but don't let a few important facts get in the way of CPC troll rants.

Instead of attacking Chretien on this I would think you'd be appreciative of the fact that he had to take attacks on the GST to save the country. Ingrates all of you CPC partisans.

James Curran said...

Harper also said there'd be no deficit just 60 days ago.

roblaw said...

..just stopping in this Christmas week to wish you and your posters the best.. as I posted in my blog today, "Peace be with you!" May our politicians find a way to put their egos on hold this year long enough to truly help those who need it this coming year.. we can dream, can't we?

roblaw said...

..oh, and btw, I donated $100 to a foodbank today, if you can, pay it forward everyone.. even if it's a dollar or a can of soup..


James Curran said...

Good on ya Rob. I agree. Everyone should try to kick in something somewhere.

Happy Holidays to you buddy.