Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Wonder if the Conservatives are Taping the GG's Conversation

You never know these days.

If I were the GG, I'd tell Stephen Harper I'd give him an answer after Monday night's vote.

While I'm at it though, I'd like to address the Conservative assertions of the Bloc having a veto on any motions and budgets the Liberals will put forward in the coalition government. Let me ask ya: don't they already have that power by virtue of the amount of seats they hold in the House? Whether it's a Conservative budget or a Liberal budget?

And as for this notion of separatists supporting a coalition? Are the Conservatives saying that they've never received the support of the Bloc on any bills or budgets? Seriously?


roblaw said...

My position on the "moral superiority" of the Cons right now regarding support of the Bloq is pretty non-existent.. but there is a difference between any party being "supported" by a Bloq vote.. and actually making an agreement with the Bloq.. which it appears all parties may well have done. Doesn't make it right though.. does it?

James Curran said...

The agreement is for them not to vote for a non-confidence motion for a period of 1.5 years Rob. That's it. End of story. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In the meantime Harper has been there for forty minutes already.

Hishighness said...

- I'd tell Stephen Harper I'd give him an answer after Monday night's vote.

I've thought of that, but he'd just move the vote.

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