Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Giving Challenge

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Rob over at Searching for Liberty Blogspot has issued a holiday challenge to Conservatives and Liberals. Naturally Dippers are welcome to join in the holiday fun as well.

I will be joining in the challenge today by dropping off canned goods to the Burlington Food Bank. Share in the giving if you can and then stop off at Rob's blog to share your story.

Cheers and God Bless.

- Jim


RuralSandi said...

I've already done my Xmas food drop - we do this every Xmas and Thanksgiving.

We've done our annual Xmas charitable donations.

I've done a tree up for an elderly woman who is a neighbour. She's recovering from a broken hip/replacement and for the last few weeks I go down to her house early on Wednesdays to take out her garbage.

I don't need to be challenged, but appreciate the thoughts behind it.

James Curran said...

Because you're generous, doesn't neccessarily mean you're not challenged.

roblaw said...

..thanks for taking the "challenge" in the spirit it was suggested - I hate to admit it, but the Libs are kicking our Conservative asses.. (Yes, I know, I shouldn't be suprised.. etc., etc..)

Best wishes in the New Year to everyone, regardless of your politics.. one way or the other, we're all in this together!

- Rob

RuralSandi said...

Well, Marry "...king Xmas" to you too.

You sure have a big chip on your shoulders.

What a sad state to be in.

James Curran said...

Yes the king was born on Christmas. You'd be right there RS.

I congratulate you again on your generosity RS.

I won't be in the states for christmas though. Sticking in Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

Best wishes for a terrific Christmas, James


James Curran said...

All the best to you MoS.



roblaw said...

Merry, Merry.. and I hate to do this (or do I?).. but, you're tagged.

"It’s simple. Just list all the jobs you’ve had in your life, in order. Don’t bust your brain: no durations or details are necessary, and feel free to omit anything that you feel might tend to incriminate you. I’m just curious. And when you’re done, tag another five bloggers you’re curious about."

Ok.. all my jobs..

Garden Center laborer;
Cleaned tallow tanks at a slaughter house.. (don't even ask);
Busboy at an Italian Restaurant;
Clerk at a Safeway;
Summer Legal Clinic advisor;

Pretty dull.. but, hey, we're not cool.. and as Lester Bangs said in "Almost Famous" - The only true currency in this bankrupt world... is what you share with someone else when you're uncool.

..ok.. so tagging off to:

James Curran

Editilla at the New Orleans Ladder;

Joanne at Blue Like You;

The Galloping Beaver;

Alberta Ardvark.