Thursday, December 4, 2008

Canadian Leader Shuts Down Parliament In Desperate Attempt To Stay In Power

So says the Huffington Post. For shame!


Blues Clair said...

Canada is back!

MadHacktress said...

Oh geez, isn't it great that other countries pick up on Canadian news and current events when our, now self-proclaimed, leader does something bone-headed?

Someone should tell them that the GG represents HM The Queen as Queen of Canada not "Britain's Queen Elizabeth II".

Mike said...

Ha, thank god. I thought I was the only one annoyed by that "Britain's Queen" stuff. And given the alarming lack of Parliamentary understanding displayed by Canadians the past few days, they probably buy into that line, too.

MadHacktress said...


I have spent the week, as I'm sure you have, repetitively explaining our system of government to my fellow Canadians. While, yes, we've ventured into some new territory I thought that the fundamentals (like the fact that the PM is appointed by the GG) were more common knowledge than they appear to be.

Bill Templeman said...

Question for you, James. Harper said during his televised address to the nation last night that on Friday he asked the people of Canada for their input on the current crisis and that their response was overwhelming supportive of the Conservatives. What is he referring to? Did the Tories run a poll that I didn't hear about?

MadHacktress said...

Bill Templeman,

Well, see, it was all the people that he talked to while he was on some sort of crazy drug-induced trip.

It's probably to make us think that there's polling data somewhere in the drawer that supports his position. Is there? I doubt it.

Or maybe it was an internal poll, y'know, he asked his family.

red and proud said...

It is not just the Huffington Post that is condemning Harper. Rachel Maddow ridiculed Harper on her show last night: "Oh, so that's what you do to avoid certain defeat, you call on the queen to banish your enemies" she said while describing Harper's visit to the Queens representative, the Governor General, to prorogue parliament.

Here's the link for her Harper segment:


Harper is also being portrayed in a less than favorable light in the New York Times. Such a difference from how this story is being reported in the Canadian media, where it it so much more one-sided in favor of Harper.

Here's the link to the Times story:

MadHacktress said...

I knew there was a reason that I insisted that we continue carrying the NYT in my store! :P

Bill Templeman said...

Last night, not more than 10 hours after the prorogue announcement, I received an email from Ignatieff bemoaning the conduct of the Conservatives. Fine. I thought the close of the letter would be about supporting the coalition. Then in the last few paragraphs he asked me for a donation to his leadership campaign. Huh? I felt that this request, coming on the same day as the Prorogue decision was somehow inappropriate.

Then I read this morning that Bob Rae is taking a leadership role in keeping the coalition's message front and centre. How come Ignatieff is not more involved in promoting the coalition, given his high profile? Is he on the team or out only for himself? He was the last Liberal to sign-on to support the coalition agreement in caucus. How come? Am I alone in wondering what Ignatieff's priorities are?

The coalition will be very difficult to maintain over the next 7 weeks, given a lack of funding and the leadership turbulence within the Liberal Party. So the optics are that Rae is pulling the coalition together and Ignatieff is doing what? Revving up his own leadership campaign? Are we to assume that Ignatieff does not want to be associated with the coalition because it might fail, and such a failure could hurt his chances to become Liberal leader? If so, why did he sign on in the first place. Is he on the team or not?

roblaw said...

76% of Liberals support the coalition, is my understanding.

70% of Canadians are against it.

Ignatieff is, apparently, walking the line between alienating Liberals, to get elected as leader, and alienating Canadians, to get elected as Prime Minister.

Would be better if he just took a position, clearly and went with it. My guess is, deep down, he doesn't agree with the coalition.