Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where Was Your Liberal Leadership Candidate Last Night?

On an evening where hope won over all else, where were your Liberal hopefuls?

Well. I know one was at a restaurant on Yonge Street surrounded by a hundred or so supporters. One other was reported to be at a Daisy party. Yet a third was reported to be in British Columbia. Who knows where the others were.

Regardless of where they were, I trust they all had a speech of hope for you. I know one did. Very statesman like I might say.


WesternGrit said...

Okay James... stop talking in code... lol... For those of us "out of the loop" (or outside of the Big Smoke) just who are you talking about? The only people I'm aware of, who have declared are Leblanc and Rae. Am I wrong? Is there another? I heard that Cachaun (sp?) is running?


Lizt. said...

How could anyone think of anything else last night, but Obama.
If you can find some who will run for the Liberals, who is as Charismatic as Obama..let us know, soon..around the same age

James Curran said...

You know what. There's lots of charismatic Liberals. Tons. Beautiful, young charismatic Liberals. Talented. Educated. Energetic.

Unfortunately for us, they aren't entitled to their entitlements and we'll never get to see most of them in Ottawa.

Oh well. Iggy and Bob it is. Oh, and the young gun. I have no idea who was at the one party but I know Bob was in teeoh and Iggy was not.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

Yes it does seem to be winding up that way...doesn't it? Kind of inevitable like. So be it....may the best man win!!

Woman at Mile 0 said...

There was a straw poll at the Victoria party James...Ignatieff came 1st with Rae a close second. I put a pic of the poll up at my site.

the beard said... Kennedy running or not?

If he can keep his support from last time and keep a good number of the Dion people than Rae and Iggy might have to call of there battle royale and face someone young, fresh and more qualified than they are.

MississaugaPeter said...

the beard,

Once again, do not listen to Vijay. I would say there is a better than even chance of it happening.

But then again, I am commenting on a blog that was previously called "What Do I know Grit?" (rather erroneously, I will add)

s.b. said...

Kennedy more qualified, to be prime minister and leader of the Liberal Party than anyone???? Kennedy isn't more qualified than the kids who check out my groceries at loblaws. In fact less, lots of them have university degrees. Sorry Kennedy will not have Dion's people.

MississaugaPeter said...


You may enjoy this then, skip to the 40 second mark so you can avoid GK...

Unfortunately, even you with a university degree, you have not taught at a university.