Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Return of the Prince of Darkness

Unfortunately for Bob Rae, The Prince has already chosen him as his number one target. Interesting turn of events. His candidate of choice will be equally hard to defend. But that is an entirely different post for yet another day.


MississaugaPeter said...


Reread the headline slowly. I read it literally: DONOLO ON THE NEXT LIBERAL LEADER

WK is beatable. His average is very high but it is not 1.000 (see John Tory).

And Iggy still owes $143,500 from the 2006 Leadership Convention, according to The Hill Times. DONOLO ON THE NEXT LIBERAL LEADER does not.

James Curran said...

Peter, you already know who I am NOT supporting. That same guy is beatable indeed.

Anonymous said...

You confused me. When you said "Prince of Darkness" I thought you meant Iggy because that's what my husband calls him. Yes, WK doesn,t like Bob but his comments about BR are not especially clever or insightful at this point. He's stating the obvious. Yes, of course he'll just flog that horse (Bob's record as Premiere) till it drops. My advice to Bob Rae would be to ride that horse in the direction it's going. He should get on CTV all the time talking about the economy, become the ipso facto self-made Liberal expert on the economy, just re-brand the hell out of himself. Which will be a lot easier than dealing with Jack Layton calling Iggy a Bush apologist on Iraq and an advocate of torture. Now that's going to be a drag. Everybody got baggage. It's not how much baggage you've got, it's how you carry it.

James Bowie said...

I, however, am not beatable. Don't stand on the tracks when there's a train coming through.

James Curran said...

WK is known commonly as the Prince of Darkness. I call him a shining beacon of light and a bundle of joy.

James Curran said...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em Bowie. I'm there for ya dude.

Anonymous said...

The DoP is tied to the McGuinty political anchor.

See what two terms of Kinsella backed Liberal Government means:

"Ontario to become a 'have-not' province"

Demosthenes said...

Hah. Called it. An Ontario provincial Liheral ain't going to be backing Rae.

Again, can't wait to see how progressives are supposed to be coaxed back to the Liberals.

(Unless WK et al think that what the Canadian landscape needs is two conservative parties, with one calling themselves "Liberals" Australian-style?)