Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rae Happy. Cauchon Happy. Leblanc Happy.

Hope you're happy too.


S.K. said...

I don't understand why Kennedy would even consider running. He's already a two time loser, once provincially and once federally. How many kicks at the can does he think he's going to get before he loses credibility and support? He's young enough to wait and he should. He does not have the clout or financial backing, and honestly if you are young enough to wait why do you want the leadership now, in this climate. He's 200,000 in th ehole now, so he'll be 400,000 in the hole two years from now? That's a steep handicap for a little influence in anon governing party. Besides, who is going to loan this guy funds when he ahsn't paid them form last time? I don't get it.

RuralSandi said...

You know what it's all about with Kennedy - the youth like him because they think he's a generational change, he's young. That isn't enough. Besides, he's only 13 years younger than Rae and Ignatieff. Cauchon is younger than Kennedy and certainly has a more qualified background. Kennedy if 48 and Cauchon 45.

20 years is considered is a generation.

Well, I find I'm agreeing with S.K.
on this one.

I see some of the Kennedy supporters on the Liblogs are using the Obama thing - he's certainly no Obama. Hey, Layton already used the change stuff.

Ted said...

... and LeBlanc steals all the "generational change" motif anyway.