Monday, November 17, 2008

I Will Be Writing the Tory Attack Ads

Yep. You heard me. That's what I will be doing. We might as well get all of the dirty laundry out in the air.

So, when I make my decision on which leadership candidate I will be supporting, I will be deciding on the basis of who will be easiest to defend against the Tory War Room and who will actually have chance to win the leadership contest.

And you should all start thinking about who will be easiest to defend too.


Lizt. said...

The one with the least dirty laundry is Dominic Leblanc

penlan said...

I'm with Lizt on this one - unless someone else comes along. And I hope someone does.

Red Tory said...

I found that "Draft Martin" stuff by Copps this morning to be quite amusing. Not much chance of that, I don't think.

roblaw said...

..maybe I'm naive,but I think you give the Conservative War Machine too much credit.. I never found the attack ads all that compelling.

Frankly, the more I educate myself about his background and writing, the guy who will scare the Conservatives most will be Michael Ignatieff.. (hate to admit Warran Kinsella might be backing a winner).

The things that the hard-core Bob Rae guys hate about him are the same things that the soft conservatives will possibly vote for.. a willingness to use violence, when needed, to oppose violence, a concern over the "idolotry" of human rights.. with the exception of some of his economic views, he's a conservative in liberal clothing.

Hmm.. to quote Russell Hammond, "I'm telling secrets to the one guy you don't tell secrets to." lol.

James Curran said...

I see. A Conservative leader for a Liberal Party.

Where's my friend David Orchard?

S.K. said...

A man who lived outside Canada for 37 years and only came back two years ago to be crowned PM, scare the Conservatives????? No Rob that doesn't scare the Conservatives. That makes their day. Once Canadians find out that Mr ignattieff has chosen to spend his entire adult life outside Canada calling himself a Britton and an American, it's over.

One ad, "Not a Canadian by choice" with Ignatieff's own words calling himself an American.

One Ad.

red and proud said...

Sadly, I don't think the CON war room is going to have much difficulty coming up with attack ads for any of them:

1) Ignatief: "Not a Canadian"

2) Rae: "Rae Days-The Sequel"

3) LeBlanc: "Not up to the Job" (same kind of ad used by Harris against McGuinty)

We would have been far better off sticking with Dion.

S.K. said...

Red and Proud, Rae days can be defended especially against Flahrety. We all would take Rae Days over the Harris Tories anyday.

S.K. said...

Living outside Canada your entire adult life and calling yourself an American can not be defended. It just can't. Ignatieff is dead in the water in a genral election campaign.

wilson said...

'' We all would take Rae Days over the Harris Tories anyday.''

Oh, so how do you explain Conservatives winning 48% of the seats in Ontario then, sk?
And then what explains Libs holding only 8 of the 95 seats West and North of the Ontario border?

Where Libs error is in being short sighted. Dion was elected largely because the environment issue was the flavour of the month, and Libs thought they could beat PMSH on that issue.
Now there are rumblings of resurrecting Martin and ditching Rae, because, the economy is the flavour of the month.

By 2010, Canada will be on it's way to surplus' again.
And when that happens, and it will, PMSH will be credited for 'saving the economy', and all the trashing the Libs have done about the Cons handling of the economy will look ... like they didn't have a grip on the issue.

-Ontario does not have 308 seats.
-Harper started planning for the Conservative come back in 1995, went into full swing in 2005.
Libs think they can do in 2 years what took PMSH 10.....

wilson said...

If Iggy suffers, its from Liberals own anti-Americanism, years of attacking anything US.
It's the Dippers and Bloc that would attack Iggy,
Cons are not anti-American.

Blues Clair said...

Anti-Americanism! Your still beating that old drum hey Wilson.

red and proud said...

Wilson, it doesn't matter if Cons aren't particularly anti-American. If they can get leverage--and they will--by attacking Ignatieff for being absent from Canada for most of his adult life they will do it.

Off topic, but people might be interested in the latest poll on the CTV web site for the next Liberal leader. Current standings are as follows:

Which Liberal leadership candidate do you prefer so far?

Ignatieff (24 %) 180

Rae (25 %) 188

LeBlanc (51 %) 382

Blues Clair said...

Interesting poll. Yet, it seems that the Liberal Party of Canada has already picked their candidate.

What a joke the LPC is becoming.

Close the doors tighter Liberal greybeards!

red and proud said...

Ooops! Forgot to give the link for the poll, which is on the CanadaAM page of the CTV web site.

Here's the link:

Andrew said...

We all know Iggy & Rae's baggage, and as Iggy himself said yesterday, there are suitcases of it.

What does LeBlanc have? Lack of name recognition? Ya know, kind alike Harper before he became leader. Youth? Ya know, kind alike Harper before he became leader.

Forget suitcases, Dominic doesn't even have a carryon's worth of baggage

wilson said...

Can't see PMSH going anti-American, never has, and good relations with Obama is crucial for his re-election.

Nah, PMSH won't go there.
By the time there is another election, Cons cab mins would have 5 years experience + 10 or so years as MPs,
PMSH will have 7 years as leader of a national party and 5 years as PM, plus a long political history of authoring 'Canadian' policy.
(ok, there may be a bit of a homegrown bend there)
Harper is the one with the strong team, with representation across Canada.

By the time an election rolls around, PMSH will have kept the economy afloat, earned international praise, and will be bringing our soldiers home.
Beat that!

Blues Clair said...

Wilson, the next federal election is at least 2 years away. Save those thoughts, put them away in a folder titled: How I plan to spend my spare time.

Gayle said...

Wilson - at some point you need to admit you do not know what you are talking about.

Forget about seat totals - what was the vote share increase for the CPC? I know you like to ignore that statistic because it shows a levelling off of support for Harper and an increasing split in support between the LPC and the NDP (which probably had more to do with Dion than anything else).

It certainly did take Harper a long time to reinvent his party, but then they were decimated, while the LPC, even when they are broke and lead by an unpopular leader, still managed to win enough seats to remain the Official Opposition.

Remember when you were saying there was no way Harper would break his promise on the deficit? And now you are saying he will go in and then out of deficit in two years?

You really do not have the insight you seem to think you have.

bigcitylib said...

That's not a real poll. Bob could have voted for himself 100 times. So could Iggy, for that matter.

burlivespipe said...

Ignore Wilson, he just got released from Camp-I've-Got-A-Secret in winterpeg.
Yah, Harper's dream chess game in 2010 is gonna look so sweet; the economy will be rosy - hey, not even the biggest spending gov't in canadian history can totally flush that baby! - Afghanistan will almost be in the rear-view mirror, along with his promise to never 'cut-and-run'; and he'll be on lawyer #23 on his lawsuit one-up-manship. Oh, and while he spent the last election driving liberal voters to stay home, I'm betting his muzzle and bald-faced lying will work wonders on CON supporters' decision on election day.
Like a sleazy CON lawyer, they won't even be able to stomach him any longer.