Monday, November 3, 2008

Can Obama Beat Nixon's Electoral Success?

Nixon carried 49 states in the election of 1972. He also carried the fourth largest margin of victory percentage of 23.2% in American history.

Is Obama more popular than then Nixon?


Mala Fides said...

First we had Florida.

Then we had Ohio.

And now you've heard it here first, this election will be stolen in Pennsylvania.

Jason Hickman said...

Is Obama more popular than then Nixon?

Nope. Not as popular as Nixon was in November of '72, anyway. You could say things changed a bit by August of '74.

More importantly, McCain aint McGovern.

I may live to regret this prediction, but to hell with it: it says here that Obama won't get over 55% of the pop vote, let alone the >60% that Dick got in '72. Obama will still comfortably win the Electoral College, unless the wheels *really* come off.