Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's the Liar Now, Danny Williams?

He came out with a fury. Then peetered away to nothingness. You are officially the small man now Mr. Williams. Full of hot air and nothing more. You, sir, lied to Canadians when you vowed to take your show on the road. Mr. Harper was right. He doesn't need your help or blessing. And, don't you worry sir, if Mr. Harper is re-elected, his memory is long, and your province will pay dearly for this.

As an aside, to date, Mr. Williams has refused to commit to any speaking appearances in Ontario as well.


Local Grit said...

Danny Williams little Mussolini act was never going to be factor anyways.

He just realized that most Canadians don't know who he is and those that do don't worship him like some tin pot dictator like they do on the Rock.

The Liberal party should stay far, far away from self promoting populist nutbars...and that includes the soon to be defeated David Orchard.

James Curran said...

Give your head a shake. David Orchard will win his riding for fun. Self-promoting? Every party has lots of them....I can name 12 in our caucus within 5 seconds.

Local Grit said...

Nothing wrong with self promotion.

Its the populist nutbar stance I have an issue with.

The only seat outside of the Atlantic we are stealing from the Tories this time out is Winnipeg South I fear.

If we win 80 seats I'm calling it a victory for another day.