Saturday, October 18, 2008

Was There Some Kind of Funding Cut To Elections Canada?

Just asking.

During the 2006 campaign, Elections Canada came up with witty, engaging commercials to get out the vote. It worked too as the downward spiral in voter turnout finally ended.

This election however, the radio and TV ads were barely visible. The result? A 59% voter turn out.

Was Elections Canada just trying to save us all a couple bucks? I ask you dear readers.


Fresh Meat said...

Either that or they've just been spending all their cash trying to defend themselves from sue-happy Steven Harper...

I'm sure the lawsuit he's mounted against them (at taxpayer's expense) can't be cheap for them as an organization.

Lola Smiles said...

a lot of folks complained about not knowing WHERE to go and vote....

wilson said...

There was a lot of 'get out and vote' and reminding voters of the new 'identification' rules, from EC.

Liberals lost because their leadership race never ended.

Iggy and Rae supporters, and MSM worked tirelessly against Dion, before, during and now, after the election.

Dion owes the LPC nothing,
and should seek election as the leader of the Green Party,
where he would win, and Greens would win seats.

James Curran said...

Wilson, are you still on the campaign bus? Get some rest. Won't be long before the next election.

I laugh at these articles that say he has no caucus support now....he never did. Nothing has changed.

Beijing York said...

Interesting question. They certainly seem to have suffered from lack of staff as well. Lots of newly enumerated Canadians didn't receive their voter cards in time. There were also delays in getting ballots out to voters residing outside the country. I completely forgot about EC adverts in past campaigns.

Aurelia said...

Another interesting thing James is that there is no systematic method of removing dead voters from the permanent voters list unless they die in a long term care facility. If you die in hospital or at home, you stay on unless your loved ones go through a lengthy bureaucracy.

And no method of removing people from the voters list who have moved from one home to another, unless you are in a very large apartment building which had been including in revision. Single family homes, townhouses, 6 plexes, duplexes etc, are never ever changed. They just add new voters and keep the old ones on.

So in my house, there are only two registered voters currently living here, but six people registered to vote. My husband and I, the previous couple who lived here, and the previous couple before that.

In reality 100% of voters of my house, voted, but EC thinks only 33% of voters voted.

Think about that.

Maybe the number of real voters is staying the same, or going slightly up or down cross country, but because we can't remove dead or moved or transferred voters, the total potential number of voters has gone up. So the percentage looks like it's dropping.

And really, it's not.

But Elections Canada has no money to do the total revision required. Or maybe they are trying to do more revision because of the screwed up system we have now and therefore the ad budget has been cut.

Regardless, I think we should not assume that the media BS story about lower voter participation is automatically right.