Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toronto Star Editor in Chief Agrees Dion Interview Was Mismanaged by the Interviewer

Mr. Kuntz clearly feels interviewer Murphy was in the wrong. Have a read.


John W said...

I wish we had some investigative reporters in this country who could have the time and money to go into this in more depth.

Was the question designed by CTV to deliberately confuse Dion? Was the Harper War Room involved? Was Mike Duffy involved?

Just a start.

James Curran said...

Well, Duffy told everyone to "fire up their VCRs" prior to airing it. He then led the charge to urge others to pile on. Disgusting.

If I ran this party, not a single member would ever go on that show or Question Period again.

John W said...

And the parties have editorial control over both Duffy and Newman, they send the spin doctor spokespersons of their choice.
If the shows had any journalistic integrity the editors or networks would decide who gets to represent each party.

And worse, I don't think CNN allows parties to pick reps. They pick the people such as Carville, B Buchanan etc and they are identified a CNN analysts representing the Party. They are paid and chosen by CNN.

Can you imagine a major newspaper
allowing parties to pick op-ed columnists?

Duffy and Newman I think are in the same boat on this one: not a journalist.