Sunday, October 19, 2008

Storming Stornaway

Well, the delegation of no name, anonymous, senior, junior, strategist, insider, close to the leader, organizer, laurier Club, source close to the leader, long time Liberal, close to somebody in the OLO Liberal, have made it past Kingston.

We've been hearing from some fine folks (anonymously of course) that wanna join us in our March on the Mansion. Vilgilant suggests a road hockey game, and I like that idea - especially if we could get Steve Murphy and Mike Duffy to be the goaltenders.
Most are wondering what time to assemble and we're hearing people wanna join us from outside the beltway so we should begin to congregate around noonish. High Noon (a good movie that high noon was).

Any other fabulous ideas are welcome.

Again, you can contact me at


Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Who's got sticks? I can bring a couple of extras, probably. 12ish, right?

James Curran said...

Yes 12ish works for most - would imagine.

Jean Proulx said...

Thank you for your support James! You friggin' rock dude!

- Jean Proulx, Facebook Warrior

whopitulia said...

Great idea. This is the first thing that's made me smile since Tuesday.

James Bowie said...

You rock Jim.

Zorpheous said...

Damn, I wish I could make it, but Toronto to Ottawa is very long drive, and I just got up.

Tell Dion to stay. Any other course of action is a disaster for the Liberal Party and for Canada

s.b. said...

I honestly hope there is not going to be hockey, which a)trivializes the entire idea and b) lets the media replay the disasterous footage of Dion trying to score a goal on net.

It's just a really dumb idea.

ch said...

Didn't Dion score a goal at the end of that clip? I thought he did and it looked like a pretty tough goalie too.