Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stephane Dion Tells CTV Where To Go

Lost in the mix was Stephane telling CTV's Roger Smith where to go. Stephane was walking throught the hallway enroute to his concession speech. Roger Smith asked him a question. Stephane looked at him and said, "CTV are the last people I want to see".

Good for you Stephane. Now if you can get your fellow party members to boycott the network, that would be nice.


Rick Barnes said...

Thats a feel good moment I am sure. CTV did not however defeat the liberals, The liberals defeated the Liberals


Constant Vigilance said...

Let us hope this is the start of a more consistently combative Dion. The sandbagging by Doofusy is a huge part of this Conservative margin of victory.

James Curran said...

Actually Rick, the Liberals were within 4 points when that fiasco happened and Dion finally was dispelling 2 years of not a leader advertising. CTV blatantly tried to ruin a good and honest man and told the Canadian people this interview diminished his capacity to lead a country and the public ate it up.

Steve V said...

Rick has a point, but it is also quite accurate to say the timing of that tape release was atrocious, it did affect momentum in the closing days. I know this, in a personal way, because that tape was referenced by two undecided relatives over the Thanksgiving weekend. Whatever gains Dion had made in the debate were shattered by the shallow framing of that tape. NO question about it.

Rick Barnes said...

The end was near before the tape incident. Im not saying the tape did not hurt, heck im a veteran of the NDP in BC and I know first hand what the media can do.

The problem was never addressed by the liberals in the first place. When the Conservatives started painting the picture a year before the election, the Liberals failed to respond.

Dion did not have enough time to change it. It didn't help that the Liberals, not ready for an election due to funding and polls looked like the class weakling, being humiliated publicly every time they voted for a Harper budget or confidence motion.

The fight was lost before you started.


leftdog said...

Cherniak is blaming the New Democrats for the Liberals problems. You are blaming CTV ..... it is time for Liberals to take responsibility for their difficulties!

Norm said...

So.....Dion should convince his caucus to boycott CTV? Great idea.....and then the Libs could boycott the Globe...and the Post. That should really help the cause. Give me a break. Grow up and take your loss. Move on.

James Curran said...

Dear Dog, I'd like to make a couple observations.

1. Jack Layton still can't break into urban ridings.

2. Your still fourth in the House of Commons and always will be.

3. If CTV had done this to Jack Layton you'd be cring til the cows came home.

Jim said...

You could at least get Dion's quote correct, or has it become second nature to correct your leaders stunted english?

He actually said...

"The last one I want to speak first is CTV - you understand that?"

Yup, clear as a bell.

crf said...

He waited to attack too late.

He ought to have attacked Harper with much more vigour, and also attacked ctv-Globemedia for refusing to cover the campaign in a unbiased way -- and pointed out their biases.

It isn't in his character -- he's nice. But he should have realised much earlier one that the media were not going to play fair this election. Dion would win an election based on ideas every time. But if the media don't want to play your game, you have to try to make them, rather than cave in and keep your resentment bottled up until after the election.

Raging Ranter said...

As long as the Liberals keep blaming everyone else but themselves for their problems, they will continue to lose. I know. We conservatives used to blame media bias, the Liberals' dirty tricks, vote-splitting, and all manner of things. However valid those reasons were, they were nothing more than excuses.

Somehow the truth finally got through to us. We rebuilt, rebranded, and are now governing. Most importantly, we still realize there is much work to do. 37.6% might have won a majority for Chretien in 1997, but it isn't good enough for us.

The Liberals need to quit pointing fingers and rebuild from the ground up. Why would I give a shit? As a Conservative, the LAST thing I want to see is for the NDP to become the second major choice for voters. Tories won't be in power forever, and there had better be a reasonable, centrist Liberal option ready to govern. Picking a moderate, centrist leader with good business sense like McKenna or Manley would be a good start.