Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scotiabank forecasts recession for Canada

Harper: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong. This is not the United States."

Read the story here.


Saskboy said...

And when talking about the "fundamentals", please feel free to use the images here to help drive the point home.

ALW said...

And so...what should be done?

James Curran said...


I'm not an Economist. Go ask Harper. He is...unless his university degree was plagiarized too.

ALW said...

Oh I see. So your party has no plan, but it's a problem that Harper doesn't?

Did it ever occur to anyone that the best plan is the one that's already been laid in motion - the decisions that were made last year?

James Curran said...

You really should get out of your basement once in a while ALW. The Liberals, NDP, Green and Bloc all released their plans weeks ago.

Where's Harper's? Australia?

ALW said...

And what do their plans say about the economy, James? How precisely will they wave their magic wands to save the day?

If the Liberals thought this through so carefully, why did Dion write up the plan on the back of a napkin that consists of calling meeting? Why isn't it in the platform?

Oh right. Because you have no plan. And you're all cheerleading for a recession for your own political benefit. Shame!

James Curran said...

I see you got the talking points. Life on the campaign bus must be terrible.

Dion was prudent. I'd call a meeting too if the previous PM continued to bullshit people accross the country. Who knows what the REAL figures are? Certainly not the Canadian public. The plagiarist has hidden all the facts from us.

When's that Afghan report coming out that shows we're $14 billion over Flaherty and Harper's projection?

ALW said...

Talking points? Your party is throwing boulders from glass houses!

Of course Dion would call meetings! He’s a big fan of outsourcing his judgment. He doesn’t know the numbers? Then how can he know they’re wrong?

Better be careful, James. You’re dangerously close to overtaking Scott Tribe as the biggest hack on the blogroll!

James Curran said...


Oustsourcing his judgement? You mean like getting speeches from John Howard?

Saskboy said...

" And what do their plans say about the economy, James? How precisely will they wave their magic wands to save the day?"

You want specifics? The Greens would raise the GST to 6%, and give the extra 1% straight to municipal governments. Both the Greens and Liberals want to lower income taxes significantly, and focus on creating "green collar" jobs.
Elizabeth May also said she favours a low Canadian dollar to boost exports such as pulp and paper.