Monday, October 6, 2008

Paul Martin and the Martinites Continue Their Assault on the LPC

Simply inexcusable!

During a week when Liberals are beginning to feel good and the Canadian public is turning their sites to stopping Harper, we get this bunch of bull from a former Prime Minister set to divide a party that, until this weekend, the Canadian press had been reporting were split since the leadership convention in 2006.

Way to go Mr. Martin! You ruined the last campaign in 2006, and now you seem driven to ruin this one for a decent, honest Stephane Dion. What other reason could you possibly have for leaking your book 8 days before a vote? Tell me Mr. Martin! In fact, tell ALL of us hard-working grassroots Liberals what your intent was. Small wonder you never got that majority. Self-important, pompous windbag that you are.

You know, I didn't agree with the Martin tactics years ago, and I certainly don't agree with them now. I'm absolutely livid. Unbelievable. Disgusting.

Lucky for us, Mr. Martin, this Liberal Party continues to be resilient in spite of your stupidity and remains all about the team and not about the individual. Thank you for reminding us all why we elected Stephane Dion as leader. He's beyond your petty diatribe.


Derrida said...

That's it Liberals, keep reminding "progressives" why they shouldn't reward your bungling incompetence. Gerard Kennedy chose the wrong leader. Dion is technically a leader, just the WRONG leader if the LPC's concerns were to challenge the Harper Conservatives.

Choosing Dion may have served Mr."kingmaker" Kennedy very well, just did not serve Canadians terribly well. A meek, "professorial" leader who can't connect emotionally with people (mostly because he's quite socially awkward himself), especially people in Quebec, in 905 Ontario, nor on the coasts was a strategically disastrous choice. This was not the way to shore up support against Conservative gains.

Then the infighting, the squabbling, inability to heal old wounds nor to control new egos (Rae & Ignatieff). Dion was a lame choice!

Then, the Liberals abdicated their responsibility as the Official Opposition, actually as any kind of opposition, and that's an affront to democracy itself. A democratic government is only as strong as its opposition. Yet, Liberals sat idly by as a budget that slashed funding to literacy programs, to women's programs, and other social programs was passed.

Thankfully Harper has hurt himself in Quebec, otherwise we'd be heading to a Conservative majority instead of a Conservative minority. And the Liberals have the audacity to grovel for the progressive vote (they're shamefully not even running on electoral reform!). Any wonder the NDP is breathing down their necks?

James Curran said...

What world are YOU living in. Dion overwhelmingly won the Quebec debate. Th Liberals are now second in Quebec polls, ahead in Ontario and Atlantic Canada and Dion's popularity is on the incline.

The NDP can't break 19-20 points and will have less seats than they have now after next Tuesday. The NDP plan on implementing a carbon tax greater than the Liberals will ever be and offer no income tax breaks to Canadians. Great plan there.

The Cons will offer $60 a tonne for carbon tax. $20 more than the Liberals. The market is in a freefall and Harper continues to tell Canada life is great. All this while Candians have lost $30 billion in investments in the last two weeks.

Derrida said...

Actually Dion did not overwhelming win the French debate. I think overwhelmingly Duceppe and Dion were very close. Liberals are up in Quebec, owing largely to people turning on Harper, go over to Paulitics and see what a reasoned discussion on the changing numbers in Quebec looks like. Canadians will likely owe Duceppe and the Bloc and great show of gratitude for preventing a Harper majority.

If Layton had The Star and the CBC (publicly funded radio gave 1 full hour to Dion on Cross Country Checkup to swear he's a likeable guy and that he wouldn't go negative in this election, only to go negative the very next day with the whole plagiarism thing) working full time on his behalf his "leadership" lead over Dion would be even higher.

James Curran said...

The same CBC that keeps declaring Jack could be the official opposition after this election? The same CBC that rushed to say Jack won the English dabate? That CBC?


MississaugaPeter said...

Gerard Kennedy did the right thing in December 2006 and would do it again today.

If you think that the Conservatives, with their buckets of money, would not have gone after Ignatieff or Rae, you are fooling yourself.

I honestly believe that Ignatieff and Rae would even be lower in the polls than Dion is. Both Rae and Ignatieff needed more years as Liberal MPs to be able to counter the kitchen sink the Conservatives would have thrown at them after December 2006.

Demosthenes said...

A quiet suggestion, Mr. Curran:

While you may be angry with Martin, reinforcing the divisions may not be the best move right now.

Save it for next Wednesday.

James Curran said...

Curran doesn't play those games.

I'm critical of all this type of bullshit in this party, and have been forever. I won't condone it for even half a second -election or not.

Derrida said...

"Gerard Kennedy did the right thing in December 2006 and would do it again today."

Of course he would, Kennedy thinks only of himself and choosing Dion was the best way of positioning himself for a future run at the leadership. Although I do believe he thought Dion would last longer than this! It couldn't have worked out better for Kennedy, except he underestimated Peggy Nash and now is on the verge is seeing his federal political career end!

Btw, I believe that if Kennedy had chosen Rae (as much as I despise that man), and Harper had run the gaffe prone campaign he has run, the Liberals would be running away with this election.

James, come on, the CBC overall has been shilling for the Liberals, even if it means throwing in a measured comment once in a while about the Conservatives and the NDP. What they did on Cross Country Check Up was the most patently partisan stunt I've seen from all of the media.

I assume we're both in agreement about The Star being the official mouthpiece of the LPC. Meanwhile no left wing critical media in this country and the NDP is a 21%, still chasing the Liberals...


James Curran said...

The NDP is at 21 in one poll. Everyone else has them at 19. In PQ they're at 12. Where exactly do you think the dippers are going to win seats?

Gerard will win Parkdale. DiIanni will win Stoney Creek and Banham will win Hamilton Mountain. Right there the Dippers are down three.

Like what are you thinking?

MississaugaPeter said...


Gerard does what is best for Canada first, and close behind, what is best for the Liberal Party.

He did not go to Dion because it would set him up for the future. He did it because Dion shared the same ideals and integrity that he has.

Ignatieff and Rae needed a little more experience as elected Liberals. They will get their chance once Dion steps down, and I am hoping that is after he has resided at 24 Sussex.

Derrida said...

I'll bet you Kennedy loses Parkdale High Park. If you lose you'll create a post on your blog admitting you were wrong and that you will never doubt the intellect of a superior blogger known as derrida. Moreover, you will be required to read derrida's "the politics of friendship" and at a later date update your post with a one page summary of the text. Should I lose, I will post before my readers (all 5 of them) that I was wrong and bow down to the great James Curran. I will also read a book of your choosing and report on it.
What do you say?