Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mike Duffy and CTV Finally DID It

They've taken a good, honest man with a PhD. and tried to make him look like a simpleton. And they're quite happy about it too. Very proud of themselves, they are.

Problem is they've made their own journalist, Steve Murphy, look like an absolute moron. Can Murphy not understand English? Stephane Dion asked him to clarify his question no less than 3 times. And Murphy, being the ass he is, just couldn't understand what Stephane was asking him. Tell me Mr. Murphy, can't you understand the English language.

Stephane Dion asked him what he meant. If he was elected prime minister today, or if he was elected prime minister 2.5 years ago and he had to act today.

Mr. Murphy, Mr. Duffy you're both irresponsible hacks. And, sirs, (I use the term loosely) so is your despicable network.

While we're at it. Explain to me why Mr. Duffy never has members and strategists of the Bloc on his show. I mean, at least Don Newman does. It's not like they have more seats than the NDP or anything. Why does CTV hate French Canada so much?

Canadians deserve better than networks that clearly act as Fox North. Truth is CTV didn't like the fact that the Liberal Party has bounced back into contention. Afterall, they do suspect Harper will cut funding to their main competition - CBC. And he will.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the homer network...where Peter McKay's girlfriend is the news director?

Idiots. And don't get me started on Hainsworth...another idiot hack.

Rick M. said...

The story appears to be disappearing.
CTV news isn't mentioning it now.
The Globe's headline has changed from "Dion Fumbles Interview" to "Leaders argue about interview" to "Liberals slam Conservatives for being insensitive" (all headlines are paraphrased.)

Maybe it's not so bad.

Ben Hicks said...

"While we're at it. Explain to me why Mr. Duffy never has members and strategists of the Bloc on his show. I mean, at least Don Newman does. It's now like they have more seats than the NDP or anything. Why does CTV hate French Canada so much?"

Cute. Real cute.

Perhaps the Bloc are MIA because MDL is a show that covers national issues and the Bloc isn't a national party? Or maybe because CTV just want to gear the show to an English audience? Or because the Bloc can only serve as a distaction when discussing the majority of the election campaign which is not Quebec related?

More importantly, why the sudden interest in sticking up for the separatist cause Curran? Has someone clued in that the best hope for ousting Harper is if a strong contingent of Canada-haters gets elected in Quebec?

Warren said...

Thanks for the heads up, you've inspired me to write a post on this too. This tactic reminds me of the Conservative attack in 1993 on Chretien's facial paralysis. I think it will ultimately backfire with francophone voters who will see it for what it is - Harper mocking Dion for his imperfect English.

James Curran said...

I'm for democracy. And Quebec represents 7,546,131 Canadian citizens and 75 seats in the House of Commons. 75!!!. CTV ignores 60% of the electorate of 7.5 million people. Bigots.

Ben Hicks said...

"Bigots"? Are you serious?

Is there some rule that says every tv show, every newspaper, every magazine, every political blog must be made for 100% of a country's population? What is so bad about going after a specialized audience? (In this case: English Canandians who can't vote for the Bloc.)

Or is my local paper here is New Brunswick also biggoted for not giving equal space to a party only running canidates in Quebec?

leftdog said...

I remember a brilliant academic professor I had while attending the U of S many years ago. He was a published scholar and had taught for many years.

However, when it came to simple day to day things, he was completely out to lunch. I remember meeting him one day and I greeted him by saying, 'Nice day!' ... he stopped, pondered what I had said, took a look around, and then finally said, "yes ... yes I guess it is a nice day'.

I have always remembered what a struggle he had with a basic greeting that the average Canadian can respond to within a second.

Like that professior, Dion is such a brainiac academic ... he couldn't even wrap his head around the concept of 'what would you be doing RIGHT NOW were you the Prime Minister of Canada. In his typical unique geeky faction, he couldn't grasp the concept.

You were warned that you picked a dud when your Party selected Dion. You chose him ... deal with it.

Anonymous said...

So was your professor brilliant? Or a dud?

I don't quite understand your point (and I understand English very well).

James Curran said...

Leftdog, you shold start worrying about who you'll be picking as a leader after this election. Jack Layton will be done.

leftdog said...

Joseph ... my prof was a brilliant professor ... but would have been a dud as a populist politician!

James ... Dion will be gone from the Liberal helm long before Layton is ... I'll prepares to make that a friendly wager!

Libéral Désabusé said...

Come on, even his own staff tried and failed to explain the question. I'm french and I have no trouble understanding what to say. Pretty easy as a question. The reality is after saying ok, so it's 2.5 years ago, he never answered, only going back to his 30 days plan after elected.

Because he would'nt have done anything about it.