Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jack Layton = Bob Rumson

One of my favourite movies is "The American President" starring Michael Douglas and Richard Dreyfuss. During the election campaign, however, I could never pinpoint where I had heard Jack Layton's "I am running to be your Prime Minister". I don't know why I couldn't put my finger on it.

I finally have now though. Jack Layton was playing Richard Dreyfuss' character, Senator Bob Rumson.

Jack: "Yes, I am Jack Layton and I'm running to be your prime minister,"

Richard Dreyfuss: Bob Rumson: My name is Bob Rumson, and I'm running for President!

So there you have it. Oh. And the outcome was the same.


Robert McClelland said...

Oh. And the outcome was the same.

I've seen that movie twice and neither time to I remember seeing an outcome in the election. Was it after the credits?

janfromthebruce said...

How's the liberal knife fight going? Hope it's nice and public and all, as libs are the natural ruling party, and you wouldn't want the public to miss all the fun - I'll bring the popcorn.

James Curran said...

How's the view from the fourth row Jan? What's it like to finish behind a Separatist group for 18 years straight?

leftdog said...

Lashing out at New Democrats to soothe your defeat is pitiful. Get over it. You were told that you had a dud for a leader, a platform that only policy wonks appreciated, and people like Cherniak taking the fight to Layton rather than Harper.

You will be voting Conservative within the next two elections, I predict, as you once great Liberal Party collapses around you.

Have a nice day ;)

James Curran said...

Get over yourself you yappy little chihuahua. You're party never took Harper on and you targeted mostly Liberal ridings. 5 trips to Montreal. Give your head a shake.

leftdog said...

I know that your defeat hurts particularly hard this time. No party went after the Conservatives HARDER than the Blogging Dippers. You, Cherniak and the blogging libs spent your time attacking Layton for the most part.

Oh, and think back to that entire year you folks spent choosing Dion ... Liberal navel gazing ... while responsible Dippers took it to Harper.

And do I need to remind you of the exact number of times (52) that the Federal Liberal Caucus abstained from votes allowing Harper to have his way with the nation?

The 4 Stages of Recovery in dealing with major personal loss (and all grieving Liberals need to remember) are:

Have a nice day ;)

Eugene said...

LOL! Liberal shills like this guy are still at stage one from 2006!

James Curran said...

First of all, quit comparing me to your Favourite blogger. I am NOTHING like him. Second of all, I crushed the Conservtives on my blog daily. Jack was irrelevant to me.

As for abstaining and supporting the Conservatives, get ready for Jack to do the same in the fall session.

Tough talk for people that have won one seat in Quebec lifetime and have broken the 40 seat mark exactly once. And how many dipper PMs have there been?

Eugene said...

Someone please tell me "crushed" is what the kids now call "cutting and pasting mainstream media articles" these days or I will actually feel guilty reading about this guy's delusional breakdown.

James Curran said...

Here's a newsflash. There is only one PM. That means all the other parties lost - including the NDP.

As for anonymous posters that choose to engage in defamation? You're not welcome on this blog and I suggest you govern yourself accordingly.