Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harper Is a Coward!

We Continue to get letters. h/t to Mala Fides.

Harper is the coward.

It is too bad that Canadians haven't yet figured out what makes Harper tick.

He is a coward and a bully.

He insults the courts and has no respect for judges or Canadian jurisprudence and then turns around and sues everything that moves in order to put a chill on the truth and stop any criticism about him, his policies or his raft of untruths.

The fact that there is a case that is titled, "Harper vs. Canada" speaks for itself.

I am not making it up!!!

Harper vs. Canada.

He sues his opposition for speaking the truth, he sues his own country in order to allow third parties to inject partisan bile into a campaign outside of the Election Canada spending limits. (Can you imagine an even more childish or abusive ad campaign than we have seen Harper unleash?)

He refuses to be accountable to Parliament or even to his own laws.

There's a word for this type of "leader". . . You figure it out.

Harper's disdain for accountability and his now obvious thin-skin should be making it clear to Canadians that he is as close to the extreme right-wing as this country has ever seen.

It is shocking that Canadians have seen fit to put this man into the position where he may win a majority government.

Politics, yes even democratic politics are incredibly important.

People think that elections don't matter because all of the parties are rotten.

When Canadians realize that they have elected a majority Conservative Government whose leader has staked his career on reducing the federal government to irrelevance, perhaps then they will understand how poorly they paid attention to this election;

When Canadians realize that without a strong federal government which coordinates and protects our National interests, this country will very quickly see its resources and interests put up for sale. Maybe then Canadians will start to question the decision they made on October 14th, 2008.

Do you remember how you feel about Mike Harris? Do you think Americans would still have voted for Bush if they had a do over?
Don't have buyer's remorse.

Harper and his party have made it clear that they do not believe in the federal government. What kind of country do they want to create and why haven't Canadians learned anything from the American experience of the last 8 years?

Wake up Canada!!!

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