Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harper and Flaherty to get Sideswiped Again Tomorrow

That's right. Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse for them, the Conservatives are about to get another taste of reality tomorrow.

You see, the budget that Mr. Harper claimed to be true for Afghanistan was $8 billion. If rumours are true, this report tomorrow will state the actual cost of the war/mission will be $22 billion. $14 billion over budget!!! That's a BIIIIGGGG OOPS!!!!


In Oshawa Whitby, give Jim Flaherty the boot. At 24 Sussex, give Stephen Harper the boot.


blogoffanddie said...

Top 10 Stephen Harper election promises.

10. Free “lawn mounties” with every purchase of a snow shovel.

9. Steve promises not to take any more political advice from George Bush or Mayor McCheese.

8. Free beer for every Canadian who says “eh” after every sentence, eh?

7. Steve promises to work the words, “Kiss me, I'm Canadian” into our national anthems’ lyrics.

6. Sell Quebec to the Japanese for billions by telling them its Euro-Disney. (Ooops, sorry. That's one of Steve’s Top 10 ways to sell out Canada).

Number 5. Steve promises not to start his next re-election bid at least until the end of the month and, he also promises to give up his Bob Barker haircut.

4. Nothing for the kids… er¼ make that free beaver rides for the kids!

3. Longer hockey games. Introduce an extra 4th period of hockey.

2. Steve promises never to call an election he promised he wouldn’t call and then introduce his platform at the last minute after the opposition leaders reminded during the debate that he should have one if he wants to be like a real Prime Minister. Naw, forget that. That’s just incredibly stupid.

...and finally, the number one Stephen Harper Conservative Party platform plank...

1. Steve will create a new cabinet post, Minister of Tim Horton’s
Steven Harper, doing for Canada what George Bush did for America.

jenn said...

Can i point out that it was your guys that got our troops into this mess.

That it was your guys that decided to leave them there in that unwinnable quagmire just because they didn't want an election. That to me is the most despicable thing the members of your party have ever done.

Dion during the leadership race said he wanted the troops out before 2009 if possible. Rae said definitely out by 2009. The vote comes around, it is not politically convenient to vote down the government and Canadians and Afghanis pay the price for your party's political cowardice.

And yes that is honestly what I think of any MP that ever said that 2009 was the end date but voted for extension anyway.

And before you go off on a self-righteous rant look at the Dion chronology of opinions on Afghanistan:

Or read about the discontent within caucus at the time of the vote:

James Curran said...

I think you're the only one ranting on this blog Jenn. And Jack has no plan for the withdrawal of the troops. You think you can just call Air Canada and tell them to fly over there and pick our boys up?

Had we won government, we'd be out by now. All of us know it's an unwinnable mission. I've blogged about it forever. Feel free to roam around here and have a peek.

I've yelled at many of my fellow Liberals.

Have a nice night.

jenn said...

Sorry for making the assumption. I forget that you are an odd duck for a liberal. You can be an aggressive partisan but there are key issues (immigration - clearly the war) that fall outside the partisan paradigm.

So once again. Sorry for the assumption. I knew you were not Cherniak but in the middle of the election i kinda forgot.

Good night.