Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dion Was Right. They Are Liars

I could have sworn they stood in front of millions of voters and said (then again, he was speaking into his water glass):

(CEP News) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Monday morning that the fundamentals of the Canadian economy remain "solid" and that there is no risk of a federal budget deficit despite the economic slowdown

Naturally, it IS 13 days later.

But, but, but, you said NO DEFICITS. LLPOF


Hishighness said...

I wish I had a dollar every time a Conservative lied, I'd be rich enough that they'd care what I thought.

Goldenhawk said...

The next time someone spouts off about Bob Rae, a provincial premier, running a deficit during the last global economic slowdown, this quote will provide two political truths:

1. Flaherty bombed as finance minister in Ontario for a reason: he was more concerned about gimmicks like the private school credit than sound economic policy

2. When it comes to hypocrisy, IOKIYAC (It's OK if you're a Conservative)

Hishighness said...

I should start a separate blog with nothing but examples of Conservative hypocrisy.