Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Dion Petition...Wow! That's Momentum

The fastest growing petition online. Have a gander.


Ted said...

Not to burst any bubbles for you Jim, but the hate blogs has been "helping" you out with that poll. And I don't think it is because they adore and respect Dion.

Local Grit said...

Umm...have you actually taken a gander at the petition. It's running about 60% of signatures mocking Dion and the Liberal Party.

He resigned, it's over. Time to move one and put Dion in the closet with Edward Blake. A place we will never visit or mention ever, ever again.

knb said...

Sadly, as soon as Duffy put it on the air, the lemmings (BT's) came out in droves.

Leave it to Duffy to open the knife drawer at every opportunity.

James Curran said...

Those mean Tories. Bad CTV. Bad.