Monday, October 6, 2008

CTV's Roger Smith and Craig Oliver Finally Tell Canadians the NDP Are Done

Finally, a bit of good, old fashioned, honest reporting. We are searching for the CTV clip high and low. Anyone that can find it gets a beer on me.

Earlier this evening Marcia McMillan asked the dynamic duo just how close the race was for the official opposition. Both responded by saying that there is absolutely no way the NDP will be the official opposition.

Roger went on to add that there is no way the numbers can add up for Jack Layton. If there was a total collapse of the Liberal vote, it would still leave the Bloc as the opposition. Craig concurred.

Sorry Jack. Sooner or later someone in the MSM had to finally be honest with you.

I did find the segment of Marcia talking with Bruce Anderson where she mentions that Craig and Roger were just on and said the race for the official opposition is a myth. It's Here.


Northern PoV said...

Seams like the campaign is going "off script".

Canadians may yet ignore the used-car salesman and choose the principled geek over the stage-managed thug!

Gayle said...

I saw the actual clip (which is on the site now). The funniest part was when they referred to it as the "biggest myth" of the campaign.

Someone better tell Bob Fife because he has been running with that angle for the past couple of weeks now.

James Curran said...

Got the link anywhere Gayle?

BTW. Did you see my response at TT's blog?

Rick Barnes said...

of course it is the only honest bit of news coverage during this whole election.

you are funny. ;)


Greg said...

Sounds like someone is scared.

James Curran said...

Why would Craig Oliver and Roger Smith be scared? They're not afraid of Jack.

Rick Barnes said...

Why would Craig Oliver and Roger Smith be scared? They're not afraid of Jack.

You are right, they are not scared of Jack. Stephane and Steven are though.


Gayle said...


Cannot find the link here. I will try on my home computer.

I did see your post at Trusty's.

I have tried reasoning with him for months. It is a lost cause.