Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Best Letter to Stephane Dion

A letter I received a short time ago. God bless the author!

Hard to get there from Saskatchewan, even if I were able and could afford it and had
been racking my brain to find something I could do to show support.

Had put away a little of my small disability pension every month to
buy Christmas gifts, but justfound 0000,0000,FFFF suggesting a way to send the backroom boys a message was to retireDion’s leadership debt.

I’ve just written a cheque for $100 to Liberal Party of Canada,
Attention Donations - The
6464,6A6A,7070 St├ęphane Dion Leadership Campaign, and will give friends a letter telling them of the qualities of M. Dion and his vision, and how their gift – mydonation, was the most valuable one they will have received, part of a movement to restore honesty and ethics to Canadian politics, and (hopefully after the next election) our country to the leadership of a decent and honourable man.


ch said...

so, what happened at Stornoway? Are you going to say anything about it?

Deb Prothero said...

Wow, Jim;

Now that's a letter for the files. I wonder if Stephane will get a chance to read some of the ones that were sent.

Also here's my vote for a little news from your adventure today. We're all just dying to hear how the hockey game went.